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jjb2000 Sun, Nov-13-05 10:24

I gotta try this. I don't have DaVinci's. I saw a SF maple syrup that said 1 net carb on the front but it had 7 carbs of sorbitol--does that count? Has anyone compared using SF maple syrup to using all splenda?

neela26 Tue, Nov-15-05 19:02

I just made these. They are AMAZING. They were a little too moist and fell apart while we ate them. Maybe I didn't wait long enough for them to cool?

zorra_1 Wed, Nov-16-05 08:49

Originally Posted by neela26
They were a little too moist

That's a reflief to hear! Everytime I try to make a LC baked good it comes out way too dry!

neela26 Wed, Nov-16-05 09:20

Well I definitely waited long enough to cool. I had them in the fridge overnight and they still were too moist. Any suggestions to make them less moist? Maybe less oil? They were really good but they break when you pick them up!

4beans4me Wed, Nov-16-05 09:25

Try adding a bit more almond flour. Did you use all davinci syrup?

neela26 Wed, Nov-16-05 09:28

Yeah, I used all davince. I used the recipe to the T. I'll try adding more flour next time. Thanks! It was a FANTASTIC recipe. Best low carb treat I ever had.

neela26 Wed, Nov-16-05 09:29

Oh, I also only baked it for 35 minutes. Maybe bumping that up will help?

4beans4me Wed, Nov-16-05 09:30

Another possiblilty is to cut back a little on the davinci, and add a bit more powdered splenda. It is a very moist recipe, so it's nothing you did wrong. :)

4beans4me Wed, Nov-16-05 09:31

Yes, baking them a tad longer may help too. Ovens vary so much... I watch mine closely towards the end so they don't burn/get too brown.

Pitclerk Wed, Nov-16-05 13:58

Just jumping in here to say I have made this THREE times now, Becki.... it is the most delicious and AWESOME of LC recipes.... I use Carbquik... and not almond flour.... no sweeteners, but Davinci syrups (Gingerbread and French Vanilla).... really can't make it too often... would start to really gain weight I know!! I also adapted this down to a smallish bowl muffin, that I fix in the microwave (for 3 to 5 minutes, depending on size.... makes a great quickie breakfast.... thank you SO MUCH!!!!

zorra_1 Wed, Nov-23-05 18:26

I made them with Carbquick and a little pecan flour. :thup:
Does anybody else think Carbquick tastes too salty? I even left out the salt the recipe called for just in case.

spacey52 Wed, Nov-23-05 19:23

Could someone tell me about this Almond Flour I see so often here?? Do you buy it as is or do you grind almonds to make it?? This recipe sounds awesome and I would like to try it some time but wonder about that ingredient. Thanks.

zorra_1 Wed, Nov-23-05 22:05

Originally Posted by spacey52
Could someone tell me about this Almond Flour I see so often here?? Do you buy it as is or do you grind almonds to make it??

It's also sometimes called Almond meal. I buy it in bulk from my health food store. If you can find "Bob's Red Mill" brand, they make almond flour too. You can make your own by grinding up almonds, but it's recommended that you put some kind of powder (protein powder, soy flour, etc.) so it doesn't turn to almond butter. I've never tried to make it myself so I'm not sure how long it takes until it turns to butter.

spacey52 Thu, Nov-24-05 12:53

Thanks Zorra I'll have to check my Health store or Bob's Red Mill for it now that I know what it is. Happy Holidays

Bean1294 Mon, Nov-28-05 11:22

This is an excellent recipe!!!! It is very moist!!! I almost want to say its like pumpkin pie with texture.Trying to combat the moisture I added 1/4 cup of additional flour and used 8 packets of Spenda and 1/4 cup of Davini Hazelnut. The frosting is out of this world :yum: !!!! My local grocery store doesn't carry almond flour so I grate mine with my PC cheese perfect!

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