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MisterE Fri, Nov-26-04 07:53

O: THESE were the food hit of our Thanksgiving dessert table. I mean, the pumpkin pie still has plenty left; the cheesecake has plenty left; that nasty fruit and whipped cream concoction has a bunch left...and the Pumpkin Bars are history. Mmmm. A new Holiday food tradition is born.
Thanks 4Beans for posting this (and everything else you do!)!

A~Hope~ Wed, Dec-15-04 10:18

Awesome Becki!!! These will definitely be in my make-again (soon) mental file! :lol:

The only eentsy change I made was to use all almonds since dh is allergic to walnuts. I made them with the Gingerbread DaVincis. A perfect fit! :)

4beans4me Fri, Sep-30-05 18:35

Bumping this up for the season. :yum:

zorra_1 Fri, Sep-30-05 18:52

Holy Guacamole!

Thanks for bumping this!!! I may have never found it otherwise! :thup:

LadyBelle Sat, Oct-01-05 07:26

They make a Spice DaVinci which is pumpkin pie spices. I may have to order a bottle and try it in this recipie

Sue L Mon, Oct-03-05 13:57

These sound delicious! I will give them a try! Finding good T&T recipes for Thanksgiving is always a plus!! :)

seesah Wed, Oct-05-05 15:31

YUM, can't wait to try!!! :yum:

BlitzedAng Thu, Oct-06-05 12:11

Taste yummy but I agree the bars were way too thin in a 9x13. I did however love the frosting on my flax muffin.. Both are good. Next time I may put the batter in mini muffin tins.


4beans4me Thu, Oct-06-05 14:38

I've made them in a square pan with excellent results. Be sure to adjust the carb counts if you cut less bars. :)

alibali Fri, Oct-07-05 16:11

are these freezable? i'm afraid i'll eat too many if i make the whole batch.. it's just me and DH here

and for storage i'm assuming keep them in the fridge not the counter right?

can't wait to make these (later on tonight).. sounds so yummy.

4beans4me Fri, Oct-07-05 17:07

I've never had them around long enough to have to freeze them. :lol: Anyone else? And yes, store them in the fridge, they are very moist if you use the syrup.

alibali Fri, Oct-07-05 18:16

i just made 'em and they're in the oven.. it was the perfect amount.. i think the pan is 7x11 or something? one step lower then the 9x13.

i tasted the batter and Wow! i think this may be the first LC dessert i'll actually like. i also microwaved a teeny portion to get a sneak peek at the end and it was sooo good. can't wait to spread the icing on.

thanks for the recipe and the quick reply -- i dont think i'll have to worry about freezing lol.

BlitzedAng Sat, Oct-08-05 08:22

I made them this time in a mini muffin tin for the kiddos.. DD said they were like lil pumkin pie sponge cakes. I ate one and backed away quick.. I know me, I woulda kept popping them in my big mouth,lol. With 4 children in the house there was NO-WAY any made it to the freezer.


alibali Sat, Oct-08-05 08:31

i cut off one bar and stuck it in the freezer out of curiousity.. i'll check on it tomorrow

jedswife Mon, Oct-10-05 14:42

these were great - i doubled the recipe and had a pumpkin cake. i did not use davinci's but will try it next time.

i also used almond and/or hazlenut flour.

thanks it was excellent.

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