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ferrygirl Sat, Oct-22-11 19:10

Made these last night - soooo good! Subbed some coconut flour for the almond flour (less, of course!), but they were still delish!

ImOnMyWay Sun, Aug-19-12 21:04

This recipe is the BOMB!

I was too lazy to make the icing, even though I have all the ingredients. It really is guilding the lily. The cake plain, by itself, is very nice, if a little too sweet; next time I will cut the sweetener down a bit. I used Davinci SF French Vanilla syrup, and I ground the cloves up with the other spices in my mortar. (I feel so virtuous.)

It didn't rise very much, but it has a nice, cake-like texture. Would be good with berries & whipped cream instead of the icing. The recipe is, incidentally, dairy free, gluten free, vegetarian, and Pareve (without the icing).

Definitely a winner!

ImOnMyWay Mon, Aug-20-12 14:42

Okay, cutting this into 18 bars is a little ridiculous...the serving size is just too small. I would call it 9 bars at 5 carbs per bar (using Davinci syrup & splenda as per first post).

I had this for breakfast, with a slice of ham, and coffee.

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