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TVMichelle Sat, Nov-20-04 21:34

All right - everybody has me convinced - I'll try this! It doesn't seem like enough ingredients to fill a 9x13" baking pan - 9" square sounds like it might be a better size - but I defer to Donald's wisdom!

db81971 Sun, Nov-21-04 10:56

I would definately do it in a 13x9. I think if you do it in a smaller pan, the crust would be too thick and soft and not "crust" like.

geminigirl Sun, Dec-05-04 17:03

I tried this last night.....OH MY GOSH!! So good!! Can't say enough about it!

LowCrbF Sun, Dec-05-04 18:24

This rocks out LOUD!!!! :) :) :)
I am not a sweets freak, I am a pizza/pasta freak..and this soothed the wild beast in me! Thank you so much! :yum: :yum: :yum:

murrie Wed, Dec-08-04 11:52

ok, have to add my experience :)

I like quiche, I like pizza. But when I heard the term "pizza quiche" it not very appealing. But after reading sooo many people rave about it, I decided to give it a try. I made it last night after dinner, to eat this week. Let me just say that it took all of my willpower NOT to eat it right when it came out of the oven. I just ate a piece for lunch and it was amazing! Not eggy at all. This may just become a new staple.

4beans4me Tue, Dec-14-04 09:38

Made this again last night with no sauce, just threw on spinach, spicy sausage, swiss cheese, a few chopped roasted red peppers, and mushrooms. Turned out excellent, as always. :thup:

EXLarge Mon, Jan-03-05 13:56

SOLD - Tried this for the first time last night, and it is great. A perfect substitute for a LC pizza. I used sausage and pepperoni and what a treat. In fact, I'm munching on leftovers as I type. Would highly suggest it.

Sharlay Sat, Jan-08-05 14:32

this quiche is sooo good.I'm glad u shard it with us!

KennyJ80 Mon, Jan-17-05 11:57

Made this yet again....with basil-pesto, Chicken, tomatos and fresh mozzarella....this recipe never fails....and I have lunch for the week. :)

Flutterby Mon, Jan-17-05 23:30

I have made something similar to this but I use 3 eggs instead of 4 for the "crust". After I bake the "crust" I spread on a 16oz tub of ricotta, a whole jar of Ragu pizza sauce, cooked hamburger (or sausage), 1 1/2 cups mozzarella cheese, 1/2 cup parm cheese (powdered kind) and a sprinkle of garlic salt and bake it again for about 20 more minutes. It reminds me of lasagna, which was my favorite before the LC life! VERY YUMMY! I have done it without the ricotta also and it is still yummy! Freezes great for lunches too.

Huskerchic Tue, Jan-25-05 10:42

I have tried many variations on this dish and I seem to like this one the best....!!

Thanks for sharing DW.

P.S. Hope you are not buried in a ton of snow up there in ChiTown !!

vixen69 Wed, Jan-26-05 12:02

I have made this dish for my non low carb friends and family and everyone has loved it. Next time, I will try the pesto version w/ chicken.

chmerasfyr Fri, Jan-28-05 04:16

sutable for intro. atkins???
I am really looking forward to trying this. But Is it allowed in the intro stage of atkins diet?? can i have it now or do i have to wait 2 weeks :P hehe

Kagior Sat, Jan-29-05 18:51

I made this the other night and it was really good. I loaded up the toppings with lots of peppers, a bit of onion, some shrimp and meatballs. Very good the night I made it, even though the crust was a bit squishy. My favortie part of pizza was always the next day, eating it cold from the fridge. I defy anyone to tell me that this pizza cold is not real pizza! The crust is the perfect texture eaten cold. If you are a cold pizza lover, definitely make this pizza for yourself!

mommyto3 Sun, Feb-13-05 20:57

You have all built this up so much, I'm scared that it won't live up! lol I've got it in the oven now, and I can't wait to try it!!!

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