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yogamom111 Thu, Jun-17-10 21:55

Fit for life
Lately, I've been have some digestion problems. I have Fit for Life book. So I thought I might as well visit this diet and give it a whirl. I am going to try to stick to the diet as it is outlined in the book. I am starting tomorrow.

yogamom111 Sat, Jun-19-10 15:17

Day 1 & 2
Yesterday went great. Had only 2 bouts of heartburn and it didn't last long. Here is what I ate: B: orange, green smoothie L: Avocado sandwich w/ veggies
S: orange D: roasted chicken, green beans, green salad- 2 enzyme caps
Today I've had no heartburn :)
B: papaya, grapes, L: turkey meatballs w/ tomato sauce over zucchini, S:mango, D: Fresh veggie juice, Mediterranean Rice Salad

yogamom111 Fri, Jun-25-10 19:18

So far so good! :) I've been really enjoying this WOL. I'm down 6 lbs. from when I started last week. Tonight I made curried chicken salad and my son just told me I should make it more often. Fruit til noon rule was hard to get use to but with the warmer weather, I find it easier to do. My juicer has been getting a workout lately and I've noticed I'm not craving SAD foods as often. I'll check back when I can.

kaustin Sat, Jul-10-10 18:47

Fit For Life
I was wondering how your doing on Fit For Life? I did food combining a long time ago and had more success than anything else I have tried. I am inspired by your posts and ready to try it again

yogamom111 Sun, Jul-11-10 13:17

Hi Kaustin,
Things are going well. I have more energy and I just know that eating tons of fruit and veggies are the ticket to great health. I started out small. I did a couple of days of fruit til noon and my lunch for years has always been a salad just added protein or carbs to it. Dinner has been mostly protein meal. I feel I have more success with weight loss. Just like you, I can back to this WOL because I just feel better on it than not. My family does not understand. I just say try it and you will see. Best of luck to you in regaining your health.

kaustin Sun, Jul-11-10 16:42

I appreciate to encoragement. I never felt better when I followed this plan. My problem is red wine? Does it fit in the plan?

yogamom111 Wed, Jul-14-10 21:06

The FFL book says no to wine but having a glass with a meal should be ok. Just know that it will stall any weight loss.

kaustin Thu, Jul-15-10 17:50

Thank you! I have started fruit in morning and slowly adding rest of food combining guidelines. It is nice to share the journey with a fellow Fit For Life person whi is returning to what we KNOW works :-) Do you juice at all?

yogamom111 Fri, Jul-16-10 20:36

That's great that you are doing fruit in the am. :) I have the Champion juicer. I bought it because I can make soft serve frozen fruit slush with it.I make apple or orange juice in the am for my smoothies and I make carrot/veggie juice in the pm. A easy menu to go by to make food combining easier is to do a fruit smoothie in the am and more fruit if you are hungry, lunch is a big salad with protein, pm. snack would be more fruit or veggie juice, dinner would be a starch and steamed veggies(think mashed potatoes w/veggie gravy and steamed mixed veg or a bowl of brown rice and stir fried veg). This way my family is happy, they just add meat or veg protein to what I've made. Late pm snack could be a banana and herbal tea.
Hope this helps. Just keep it simple.

Troy22 Wed, Apr-06-11 04:35

Fruit smoothie is an interesting thing and i liked it as you mentioned in your post. And it is the best thing to live a healthy and fit life.

StacieAnn Fri, Apr-29-11 18:23

In Judy Mazel's revised Food Combining book, "The New Beverly Hills Diet, she says you can only have wine with fruit provided that you've ate no other food group that day, but that champagne is neutral and can be drank with any food group.

tomsej Sat, Oct-19-13 07:50

Fit for Life! - former low carber
I have not posted for ages. Fit for Life helped me get rid of Candida.
Simply doing the fruit in AM proved it's worth to me.

I do not return to fruit once I stop at noon.

My current dilemma is lunch as a high school teacher. My lunch is from 11-12 so I have trouble with the eating of items non-fruit before 12. I teach from 12-2:35 with a 5 min break in between. I sneak seeds and drink water during those 5min. I started eating yogurt for speed - big mistake - get really tired after yogurt.

I don't want to mess with what has helped me get my liver enzymes under control and helped me lose 30lbs and feel great!

I've also recently been diagnosed with gluten sensitivity - I get chest pains after about 20min from eating most breads. Have not found a gluten free bread that like.

That leaves salads - I've bought some gluten free flour and plan to bake some bread/flat bread with it.

I also carry sunflower seed. Any salads people like that are portable, tasty and have minimal prep time?

combiner Fri, Apr-25-14 07:44

i love fit for life,just got back on the food combining wagon,tried so many things,only this works for me x

hels Tue, Mar-17-15 22:57

Hellloooo...anyone home???? Anyone still doing FFL??

AngelMindi Sun, Apr-12-15 23:34

What's the update?

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