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TeriDoodle Thu, Apr-11-02 08:01

Say HELLO to the NEW me!
Just wanted to share these thoughts from my journal this a way of saying THANK YOU to all who have helped me get here....

I just wanted to jot down my thoughts this morning. I feel so good, so positive, focused and motivated.....and it's hard to pinpoint where its coming from exactly or where I turned the corner. This is so unlike me, really, but now feels like its permanently engrained. Like there was this "old me" and a "new me" and I've said goodbye to the old me forever....and I don't miss her one little bit.

I rarely look at a donut, for example, and feel my salivary glands kick in..... I just look at it with this neutral feeling of.....well, nothing! I don't seem to have the same old emotional attachments to certain foods like I used to. I have my "treats" now, but they are in the form of fruit and sugar-free jello (w/ whipped cream of course!) and those satisfy me just like a snickers bar would have in the "old days".

The old me would cringe at the thought of vigorous exercise and sweating (yech!)....but now I beat my alarm every morning with the thought of "Is it time for my workout yet????? and I bound out of bed! I love every sore muscle and planning my BFL workouts. WHO IS THIS PERSON?!??!?? I better get used to her, 'cause she is here to stay! I LOVE THIS PERSON!!

And it doesn't matter to me whether my progress is slow or fast. I have developed patience beyond any previous experience. Progress is progress and even if it's slow, it's better than regression (gaining fat inches).

I have 100% more energy.
I have 500% more confidence.
I am rarely cranky or moody.
I have very few PMS symptoms.
My heart rate is down.
I don't have blood-sugar crashes 4 times a day.
My skin is brighter and eyes are clearer.
I FEEL FULLY ALIVE! Just like when I "found" God. It's the same feeling. TOTALLY awesome.

And this board has been fully responsible for my progress. THANK YOU ALL!!

alto Thu, Apr-11-02 09:03

I love reading success stories. Thank you for posting yours :)

Your successes are the best kind -- changes in attitude and in how you feel.


DWRolfe Thu, Apr-11-02 10:49

Hello New You!
Loved reading your entry and your positive outlook...

...though our stats are WAY different, I can completely relate to the ideas you shared.

Continued success and good health to you!

Donald :wave:

TeriDoodle Thu, Apr-11-02 12:18

Well, Donald, I've read many of your posts along the way and YOUR attitude has helped me quite a bit!! Don't worry about the numbers.....the body follows the mind, dontcha know ;)

Best to you as well!

Thanks for posting. :)

izzy Sun, Apr-14-02 09:14

that'l be me soon
:wave: just an awsome thread i felt encouraged just reading it

TeriDoodle Sun, Apr-14-02 09:45

I know you will, Izzy.....I KNOW you will!!! It's a wonderful feeling.... come on, join me!!

izzy Sun, Apr-14-02 10:00

im there
im 6 weeks in to my diet and 20 pounds down i feel great and my clothes arnt cutting me in two anymore , with not many craving why live any other way ? izzy :daze:

AngelaR Sun, Apr-14-02 10:41

Wow Teridoodle,
Thanks for posting this. You sound so upbeat and in control. What's that old saying?...Mind over matter.

Sounds like you have made progress more valuable than numbers can show.


TeriDoodle Sun, Apr-14-02 21:16

Well, coming from you Angela that IS a real boost! I'm not sure where all this is coming from but I"m glad it's here!! Well, you I type this....I realize that eating carbs all those years kept this person locked in a dark box....y'know? And now that I don't have carbs dragging me down, the real me is finally coming to life. sad that such a simple solution was so close but yet so far away.

I spread the LC word to anyone who will listen.

Thanks for posting. I appreciate your kindness!

Atrsy Sun, Apr-21-02 21:45

TeriDoodle, you are an inspiration.
You've come a long way. I can't wait until I'm where you are now. I can only imagine how great it feels. :)

Keep up the wonderful attitude and you will soon be at goal.


Cher Fri, May-03-02 17:25

Congratlations Teridoodle..
Wow! You've done an incredible job...congratulations on all the success you've achieved...on the patience (cause...once in a while we have to be patient with this and the BFL (Way to go...excitement about exercise...I wish that was catchy...that would be cool) and...of course...on the awesome weight loss
:cheer: :cheer: :cheer: :cheer: :cheer: :cheer: :cheer:

Lena gal Sun, May-05-02 12:32

How wonderful
You are an inspiration and I am SO proud of you. Thank you for sharing this with us, I'm going to read it over and over again.

TeriDoodle Sun, May-05-02 20:14

Thank you Cher & Lena.... it's people like you that keep me going!!!!

Many blessings,

Sammy4RD Fri, May-10-02 05:28

BIG thank you's

This is the first message I have posted and hopefully, the first of many. I know it sounds silly but I read these boards each lunch time and they give me the hope to continue to change my life and to resist the many goodies floating around at work. I'm not far into my fight but I hope to win.

I couldn't do it without you all. You are my inspiration!

Lots of love to you all

:rheart: :rheart:

TeriDoodle Fri, May-10-02 07:37

WOW Sammy!! 15 lbs in 6 weeks is excellent!!! Congratulations!

I have learned SOOOOOO much about the science of metabolism and adiposity (obesity) since I've been here and thank all those who have gone before me, done the research and synopsized it all for me from time to time. :) We're all here to help each other ...mentors helping newbies....who eventually turn into mentors themselves. It's a great process and I encourage you to jump in more often!! Why don't you start a journal? Tell us about your experiences...things that work...things that don't. It's very helpful not only to yourself but to others!

I'm glad you registered and posted.... jump in any time!! :wave:

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