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atkinsteen Mon, Jun-14-04 17:11

Please Help
How do you have your picture put in as an avatar :help: :help: :help:

BAM0782 Mon, Jun-14-04 17:50

not too hard ;-)
hey I put my pic as my Avatar so I just figured it out recently. First you need to make sure that your picture is the right size (100X100 pixels or 19.5 KB whichever is smaller) there should be a resize feature somewhere in your photo editing program. That's how you change the size. Then you come here & go to User CP & clikc on Edit Avater. Scroll down untill you see Use Custom Avater & click so that the dot is green. Then you can find your picture using the browse feature right under that. :-) that should do it.

atkinsteen Mon, Jun-14-04 17:59

K thank you very much

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