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Azure Fri, Oct-25-02 10:20

Well, I'm having this again tonight. Need something quick 'cause we're gonna go see Wynonna in concert tonight. I LOVE this dish. :)

HLFAN Sat, Oct-26-02 18:20

Thank you
Thanks so much for this recipe. I made it with the peperoni crust, very crispy, I used super hot spicy peperoni. I liked it much better than regular pizza!!

Outstanding,thanks, nancy :hyper:

JayDee Sat, Oct-26-02 18:52

Awesome Recipe!!!!!
Just made your Deep Dish Pizza Quiche and my son (a bodybuilder) and I really enjoyed it. It comes as close to pizza as anything I have found for this diet yet. This will definitely become a regular meal for me. Thanks for posting it! :)

carlakapla Sun, Oct-27-02 13:44

Finally got around to trying out this recipe. Absolutely wonderful, Donald!!!!! Thank you so, so much!!!!!!

alibubble Mon, Oct-28-02 05:20

Thanks Don for a super recipe.
My kids love making this one and the result tastes great.

wantolose Mon, Oct-28-02 11:49

I just got back from vacationing in Vegas - lost another 2 pounds - partly because of your wonderful recipe - my friend (also a LC'r)and I made this dish with a pepperoni crust - even the kids ate it!
We also had cheesecake for desert!
We ate shrimp and fried fish with crushed pork rinds for breading - it was wonderful being on vacation and not feeling like I couldn't be normal - I was totally normal!
Thanks again - have a great week! :D

Iowagirl Mon, Nov-04-02 12:55

Yum! Planning a potluck at work in a few weeks and this will be what I bring. If my co-workers are lucky, I just might share! :D

Azure Mon, Nov-04-02 13:17

This is dinner again tonight. :)

AlluraD Wed, Nov-06-02 10:34

One of the things I miss!!!
This was delicious!! Thanks for sharing~

nkd2662 Thu, Nov-07-02 10:31

I made this the othe day and it was a total hit with my family! They don't even LC and they loved it as did I. I too made it with a peperoni crust. Totally awesome!



alan Tue, Nov-12-02 16:18


From all the positive replies you received I am certain this must be a tasty dish.

I have a question. When following the recipe do you end up with a quiche that you can slice and pick up like a pizza or is this a knife and fork dish.?


Iowagirl Tue, Nov-12-02 16:27

VERY tasty dish! When I baked it it was like a casserole. Made 6 nice sized squares that I have also frozen. Heat or eat cold - it is wonderful!

carlakapla Wed, Nov-13-02 10:38

<< I have a question. When following the recipe do you end up with a quiche that you can slice and pick up like a pizza or is this a knife and fork dish.?

Al >>

No knife and fork for me, Al!!! Just like eating take-out pizza. (I do slightly overcook the base, as was mentioned in a couple earlier posts, 'cuz it gives the 'crust' a little more chew, which I like, but even if you don't I still think this would be an 'eat with your hands' dish. Nothing to stop you from using a knife and fork, though.)

DWRolfe Wed, Nov-13-02 16:17

Knife & fork or not...
I eat mine with a knife and fork...

...but I also like it cold (I always liked cold pizza) and in that case I just pick it up!

It's a winner, for sure.


Donald :wave:

Marie_D Sat, Nov-16-02 06:22

Add another member to your Fan Club
We tried this for the first time today and LOVED it! I was really ready for a change from plain meats. I'm sure this is not the last time we make it.

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