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Laura D Mon, Apr-28-03 13:33

Atkins cholcolate shake and coffee
This morning I made an Atkins CHocolate shake with cold coffee instead of water. I used a stick blender to get it smooth.

It tased like an Iced Mocha! Really good!

bebe123 Mon, May-12-03 21:25

I tried this today when I got home and it really tasted like something from Starbucks. Coffee, splash of cream, ice cubes and chocolate Atkins mix. Really GOOD!!!

coolazchic Thu, May-15-03 07:57

Thumbs up on this one. The mix itself is not that great but the coffee adds a little kick to it.

Laura D Thu, May-15-03 08:38

I thought about the cream after I originally posted this, and I must say it is lovely!!

tjgmfg1 Mon, Apr-21-14 12:20

I just tried this and it was great! Thanks.

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