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twistermom Mon, Jun-14-04 10:28

Me and my personal trainer Kaylin(daughter)
Today is the day. I want to do 15 mins. on the eliptical and some free weights. I am also going to walk while Kay is at cheerleading. Workout here I come. I want a bikini....I want a bikini.....I want a bikini!

twistermom Thu, Jun-17-04 06:28

Ok....haven't started yet. I am going to do atleast something tonight. I am thinking free weights for my arms!

twistermom Sat, Jun-19-04 07:14

I finally started today! 8 mins. on the eliptical, 3 sets of 12 crunches and a few free weights to target the pelican arm. I feel great!!!

Built Sat, Jun-19-04 13:23

Good job - you got 'er started!

twistermom Mon, Jun-21-04 07:21

Thanks Built. I look to you as my role model. I want your arms!!!

Sunday is my off day. Today after Kay's cheer/gym class I will do another hopefully 10 mins. on the eliptical, 3 sets of 12 crunches and a few free weights.

Today feels like a good day,

Built Mon, Jun-21-04 10:57

Thanks twist.

Hit the upper body weights in short, hard and heavy sets. Do 'em first, while you still have some juice to lift with. You would be amazed how hard you can work your arms - and it seems to be necessary to get any results, for me anyway.

Good job - keep it up!

twistermom Tue, Jun-22-04 05:58

Last night I switched up a bit. I did 30 mins. of arms and abs of steel. It felt good!!! I am going to do just cardio tonight....oh yeah and yard work! I feel much better working out.

twistermom Thu, Jun-24-04 05:47

No exercise on Tuesday, it was our anniversary (8 years).

Last night I did 10 mins. on the eliptical and almost 15 mins. pilates. Boy are the pilates tuff!!! I want to do 20 mins. on the eliptical and some more pilates.

twistermom Mon, Jun-28-04 06:35

I haven't been exercising like I should. I need to get more regular with it. I plan to do my 30 mins. of arms and abs of steel tonight. Maybe I can get the hubby to do it also!!!

twistermom Wed, Jun-30-04 06:14

Sorry if no one else thinks this is exercise, but I did yard work. To me that is exercise. I trimmed and cut bushes and cleaned the yard with my hubby. All while making dinner. Kill two birds with one stone I say. I plan to do my 30 mins. of abs and arms of steel and a little Leslie Sansone walk away the lbs. tonight. Better yet...I know I am going to do it!

twistermom Fri, Jul-02-04 08:16

I swear I am soooo lazy. By the time I get home cook dinner, dishes and some laundry, I am pooped! I really don't feel like doing anything but sitting on the couch. I need MOTIVATION. You would think with vacation coming up I would want to bust butt! I am thinking about switching to mornings for exercise. I have way more energy then. I am going to go crazy with exercise this weekend!!!

twistermom Tue, Jul-06-04 12:18

Much needed house work and yard work this weekend. I also did 40 mins. of Leslie Sansone video. I really liked her video!!! I want to get the rest of them.

Tonight I am going to do the rest of the Leslie Sansone video and then start it over. I want to tighten my arms.

I want tight arms and abs by my b-day next year!

twistermom Wed, Jul-14-04 09:49

Ok ok...I must get started. What is wrong with me. I need motavation! I did walk the mall with my mom last night. I want to take Kay for a walk tonight (weather permit). She helps a ton with exercise!

twistermom Thu, Jul-15-04 07:18

I did 60 crunches last night. I had poor time management due to getting out of work late. Atleast I did something. I need to get more regular!

twistermom Mon, Jul-19-04 09:31

This weekend Kay got a new trampoline. Boy was that a workout putting it together. I got on and jumped for a bit. I am going to jump on it again tonight. It is good exercise. I am going for a walk while Kay is at gym class tonight.

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