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Jenn26 Sun, Mar-23-03 17:43

quick and easy sweet treat!
This may be already posted somewhere...

I have had some wicked cravings lately and Ive tried so hard to ignore them, but this has helped on those days I had to have something sweet...

Take 1-3 tbsp cream cheese (whipped is what I use), depending on how much you want and mix in 1 tsp-1 tbsp cherry extract and 1 tsp-1 tbsp vanilla extract :thup:...Delicious and just enough sweet to make the raving go away...Plus its just 1-3 carbs depending on the cream cheese carb count!

TANatPATS Sun, Mar-30-03 13:16

You could add "Torani" SF vanilla syrup (has a vanilla/cherry/almond flavor) sweetend with Splenda & 0 carbs :daze:

flyrite Tue, Apr-08-03 17:40

i just made this with torani' SF irish cream and some melted unsweetened chocolate.
good stuff but remember torani's has glycerin which i am not sensitive to but some people are.

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