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maycan Sun, Aug-21-16 12:55

Any T-tappers around?
I tried the Step Away the Inches workout yesterday. I only lasted 5 minutes. It is very intense. I wonder what this workout will do for me once I can actually finish the whole thing.

Seejay Tue, Aug-23-16 16:32

I also find T-Tapp very intense. I only do it 2-3x per week and for short periods like 10-15 mins. I consider it like "sprinting" in the Mark's Daily Apple view of fitness.

Mousesmom Tue, Aug-23-16 16:50

I'm trying to learn the moves...... they can be complicated. Perhaps I need to try the senior fit which is supposed to be less complicated.

maycan Tue, Aug-23-16 19:39

Yes, the moves do seem complicated but oh how they work!

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