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tribal Thu, Sep-23-04 00:23

Has anyone found LC Tortillas in OZ?
Just wondering about this as they seem to be very popular in the states.

sambalam Thu, Sep-23-04 16:54

nope the closest you are going to get are the subway wraps and they won't sell them in bulk. or make them, which i have done using the wheat protein isolate you can buy from here

tribal Thu, Sep-23-04 20:07

Did it work well?

tribal Sun, Sep-26-04 22:36

The closest I could find is a 'rye flat mountain bread' in supermarkets.

it's 12g carbs per piece, and it's quite thin.

sambalam Mon, Sep-27-04 19:37

yes tribal, i found them to quite good. i haven't been making them for a while though, i have cut out all processed foods from my diet and am losing much better.

Brissychic Fri, Oct-01-04 07:53

If you are truely after them I would go to a bunch of subways (it took me 8 different ones) to find a manager that would sell the low carb wraps in the package they get from the states.

Keep in mind I pay 12 dollars for 12 wraps but with one every now and then I find it worth the trouble.

And yes they are not suppose to but I was honest and upfront with my approach telling them how I was struggling to find any low carb wraps here and would really appericate it.

So I keep it very quiet here that they let me purchase them but since you are in Melbourne i figured perhaps you will be able to find a flexible owner there as well.

Good luck!

tickentash Sat, Oct-02-04 22:57

Hi Brissychic!

I have also approached many different subways and asked them to sell me the wraps, but to no avail....would you mind sharing which store you had luck with? I am in Brissie also....

Tasha :)

marcus^^^^ Sun, Oct-03-04 01:39

Give the mountain rye bread 13 carbs per wrap or mountain oat bread 10.5 carbs per wrap a try. I jam mine full of lettuce, ham and whatever and find it makes a satisfying quick meal at same or lower carbs that the subway wrap and a lot cheaper than buying the wraps alone from subway. I used to miss bread the most until I discovered these. :cool:

tiggy_oz Wed, Oct-20-04 22:04

On the subject of the subway wraps - my local shop looked it up and they were being made in SA somewhere. Now it is possible that they were incorrect in this information - but if they are right then some bakery manufacturer here in aus at least knows how to make them. Now we just need some company to take it on.

Diane X Wed, Mar-23-05 03:14

You can find a low carb wrap called Empower in most health food stores. 3 Gr carbs each and not bad tasting.

itreeye Tue, Apr-12-05 01:55

empower wraps
cheese whiz i like them, but have tried and tried to make a pizze base with one of these and have failed. Any advice?

jessperth Thu, Jun-05-08 08:00

Hey you can order the empower wraps online :)

heres the link, hope it helps!

jajaam Fri, Jan-08-10 11:59

Diego's make a wrap that has 11.1 carbs/wrap. I get them at Woolies for around $3 a pack of 6. Not the lowest I know but certainly cheaper than some and my kids love em.

rania Sun, Aug-21-11 21:21

I use the Terry White ones, well actually Tony Fergusson ones from terry White. They are pretty good

fataweigh Wed, Jan-01-14 16:59

Tony Ferguson wraps - 3g carb per wrap
Hi there,

Was looking for a low carb wrap - Tony Ferguson wraps weigh 35g each and have 3g per wrap. Can be purchased from Terry White Chemists in Oz or ordered online:

Can be ordered online:

Have not tried them yet - hope to do that soon. I would not be surprised if the Empower Wraps mentioned above are the same as Tony Ferguson wraps. The nutritional information is identical. Have not tried Empower wraps as they are closed over Christmas.

Wraps make a great lunch - heaps of LC salad, chicken or tuna.

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