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tamarian Tue, Oct-23-01 16:55

Carbohydrate Addicts Diet
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Just published. Please feel free to add comments, corrections and questions here.

Laurie1109 Mon, Jan-20-03 00:35

Carbo Addicts Diet?
What is the success of this diet? Does anyone have trouble getting out of control w/the reward meal? I'm having trouble w/the limitations on the Atkins Diet and considering switching but want to know what I'm getting into first.

Vel Wed, Jan-22-03 13:28

Hi Laurie
I imagine that you have been reading in the CAD/CALP forum, to get an idea of what this program is all about.

A lot of people do worry about going out of control with the RM when they switch over. And yet, the RM is exactly why they want to switch in the first place. Some report feeling like a kid in a candy store for the first bit, but that soon dies off. Once you accept that you can have your favourite treats at your reward meal, every single day.. you stop feeling like you have to have them all TODAY. I used to agonize over which dessert I would have, now I barely think about it.. only long enough to plan something.

If you strive for balance at the RM, it is hard to go out of control. After all, if you want more of the high carb foods, you first have to have more of the protein and veggies. Well, a stomach can only take in so much food in an hour, so you should be ok. And sticking to that hour is crucial!

I love CAD. For me it is the perfect WOE. I am losing weight steadily, I get to enjoy my favourite foods along with my family and I have NO cravings to overeat, for the first time in my life.


Laurie1109 Fri, Jan-24-03 11:17

:wave: Thank u for replying, Vel. I'm so glad I found someone who can answer my questions re CAD. I just got the Heller's new book and I think I'm going to switch, I sometimes get so sick of meat, cheese and eggs, I get terribly depressed. I fought so hard the 1st week to get off carbs then so limited in what I can eat, then terribly guilty for the way I eat. I'm subject to panic attacks when I feel hungry and use food to keep from getting panicky. During the day at my desk, I usally have a couple of hard boiled eggs and some grated cheddar to munch on periodically. I know that u're supposed to have 3 meals a day but I need to have something besides celery and carrot sticks snacks. Then I get terrified that I'm ruining my health w/all that fat. I feel nauseated some of the time due to the rich protein and fatty foods I eat, then get more depressed because I don't know how to regulate what I'm eating to feel better. In short, I'm a mess!!
Any advice u can provide will be GREATLY appreciated!

Vel Fri, Jan-24-03 11:45

hello again
It's great that you have bought the Heller's book, you really need to read it to fully understand this program. Everything you need to know is in there.

CAD was the first low carb diet I had tried, so I didn't have to "unlearn" the Atkins way of thinking, like you will need to do. There are some fundamental differences between the two plans, the Reward meal being a big one, of course, but there are others as well. CAD doesn't allow any snacking, except in one plan, a small low-carb snack once a day, whereas I believe Atkins allows unlimited snacks. That difference scares a lot of people when they switch, but they seem to soon find that they have no real desire for snacks on CAD, especially when they know that they can have some of their favourite foods at the reward meal.

And you will certainly never get bored on CAD because every single food in the world is available to you.

Read the book and feel free to ask anything. You might want to post your questions in the CAD/CALP forum, so that more people on the program will see them. But, here is fine too :)

Take care!

Tebby1 Sat, Aug-07-04 21:32

Hi, I'm new to the site but not, (unfortunately) new to dieting! I just started the CAD diet at the beginning of the week. I Love the diet and I love the premise because this is the way I eat anyway (except for the one hour limit). I have to admit, I have been very apprehensive because it sounds too good to be true. Now I know my interpretation was too good to be true and luckily I realized it before I became discouraged. It's that tricky reward meal that can make or break you. I was confused about the definition of balanced. I think I understand a little better now. In order to balance without counting or measuring grams or calories you just have to strictly follow the guidelines. 1. start with two cups of salad 2. Remember the 1/3 portion even if it is by sight. I'm not sure about # 3. Can you tell me if I have this right? 1/3 carb veggies 1/3 protein 1/3 carbs which includes starches and sugars.

LUNABABY Mon, Aug-30-04 11:14

hi vel! u look great! i have been on and off atkins, and in the end, i am heavier than when i started atkins for the first time. i really need some guidance about the CAD. On average how much weight do you lose?

desirewae Wed, Jun-08-05 10:00



Nancy LC Wed, Jun-08-05 10:08

I didn't have much luck with CAD, personally. But I think they reined in the reward meal from the early days when I was on it.

Man, why are you people only eating eggs, meat and cheese on Atkins? That isn't Atkins!

MUNKEY Sun, Mar-19-06 10:24

Hello everyone,
I am currently on the L.A. Weight Loss. I am finding very hard to stick with. Therefore I am seriously thinking about switching to CAD. Does anyone have any advice to a newbie to the program? I have read the Lifespan program. It seems too good to be true. :help:

MUNKEY Sun, Mar-19-06 10:33

You seem to have been doing this the longest. What is your experience with this?

waywardsis Tue, May-16-06 18:26

My $0.02 - CAD was the first carb-controlled WOE I tried, and I did drop some weight. However, it wreaked havoc on me! I hadn't felt that addicted to starch and sugar until I started. The reward meal, for me, was a recipe for disaster - I LIVED for that meal, spent all day thinking about it, planning it, and basically sat and ate for 60 minutes. Not good for someone with emotional eating issues or addiction issues! Seriously, I thought my BF was going to come home one day and find me hunched up in the closet, snorting flour from the bag.

Bored of Atkins after 12 days? You're 2 days away from OWL! What are you eating that is boring you? There's literally a ton of recipes for this diet, and man are they goooooooooooood!

Rodney Mon, Jun-18-07 11:50

Reward Meals Not a Problem
I must control insulin to control a rare medical condition where insulin causes weakness or paralysis. I have done FINE with the reward meal--better than expected--but only if I've kept my carbs low earlier in the day.

I believe staying low carb for most of the day helps "repair" my insulin sensitivity. Then, when I have a slice of cake after dinner, my body is able to deal with it quickly and without much fuss.

My carb cravings are MUCH reduced since I stated with CAD.

deirdra Tue, Jun-19-07 10:31

I can't follow CAD on a daily basis, but if I am eating out and getting a few more carbs than usual, I do follow the principle of eating protein & fat to go with them and eating the carbs within a hour. If I gain (water) weight overnight, I don't freak out, I just realize it is normal for me and will disappear quickly when I get back on track with Atkins/PP.

ebp Tue, Apr-22-08 06:55

I did the CAD for a while two years ago. I lost 40 lbs over the course of six months or so. The Hellers want you to lose about 2lbs a week. I found the program very easy to do. I didn't feel deprived at all. Planning my reward meal was fun. I could have anything I wanted and my friends would look at me and say. "You're on a diet?" Elaine

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