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JEY100 Mon, Mar-21-22 06:04

Micronutrients, new series for in depth information
Marty Kendall's Optimising Nutrition website has been focused on finding optimal nutrition through food, not supplements, for years.

With the new platform for his work, he has been updating all the information on major micronutrients into a Nutrient Density series.

Latest example is Calcium:


What Is Calcium and Why Is It Important?
What Foods Are High in Calcium?
Animal Foods

Healthy High Calcium Recipes
Satiety Response to High Calcium Foods
Multivariate Satiety Analysis
Optimal Calcium Intake
Calcium Availability in the Food System and Relationship to Obesity

Symptoms of Calcium Deficiency
Risks of Calcium Supplementation
Do I need to take calcium with D3 and K2?
Absorption and Bioavailability of Calcium
Synergistic Nutrients with Calcium
The Calcium: Magnesium Ratio

Search the blog for each Micronutrient by name:


Vitamin K:

…and many more…

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