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Dolphin500 Mon, Aug-12-19 13:59

Hello I am new to low carbing
Hi to all

Last year I lost 2 kg doing low carbing as I am a type 2 diabetic and need to loose 2.5 kg
My go says I have to still use insulin but last year I did it on my own with no insulin at all I want to do the same again what's the best way to Start this again as. I would like Quick weight loss.
I have read Keto diet but still need support.


thud123 Mon, Aug-12-19 16:27

Do you need to lose 2.5Kg or simply get off insulin? What have you been eating since you stopped eating low carb food?

Myca Mon, Aug-12-19 19:46

I am also diabetic. Type 2. I was diagnosed earlier this year. It is going to take a little bit to come off insulin. Make sure you work with your doctor as much as possible. Also remember that when you do get your blood sugar under control, your diabetes will be in remission but you will always have diabetes type 2. If you return to former habits of eating, it will return.
That said, my diabetes has slowly come under control. I still sometimes run a blood sugar as high 130 in the mornings and I hope it continues to get better. I keep my carbs under 20 and follow old style Atkins. Welcome. Keep us updated.

JEY100 Tue, Aug-13-19 03:56

Welcome Dolphin, you have found a good forum for support. The Diabetes forum has a warning at top about medications if you go very low carb (keto) This website also has a good guide to Reversing Diabetes, and basic guides to Keto as well.

CityGirl8 Tue, Aug-13-19 09:32

Welcome to the forums! You have some excellent goals, but make sure you do everything safely.

Dolphin500 Tue, Aug-13-19 13:24

Hi to all'

Doctors appointment in morning to change my insulin and add hormone injection to loose ten pounds in 4 weeks will see what happens in the morning when I show my bs results and hopefully some good will come from it.
How do I add my weight I need a link to click on its not easy to do.


Dolphin500 Tue, Aug-13-19 13:44

Hi to all'

Yes I do need to loose 2.5 kg and keep it off this time
Very hard to do when hubby sabatargers your efforts brings home cakes bun biscuits when he knows I am diabetic so selfish to say the least.
Do any of you go on what'shap if you would like to chat let me know would be nice to have some friendly help.


Dolphin500 Fri, Aug-23-19 22:16

Hi to all'

I have lost 1lb this week by eating low carb so onwards and upwards is the way to go.


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