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glimmergai Fri, Mar-11-16 10:09

Total Gym
Isn't it interesting? That which is old seems new again. Today I dusted off my old Total Gym 1700 Club series that we bought in 2003 or so and did the Dan Isaacson Body Makeover. I was curious if there are any other avid LC'ers that are using total gym regularly and if so, what DVDs do you like? What has made a difference for you? Any recommendations for someone who has been away from the Total Gym for awhile? Have these workouts impacted your weight loss positively? Is the protein in your diet contributing to good muscle tone? I basically just have a million questions for you. :)

diabetic_d Wed, Mar-23-16 04:17

I don't frequent this part of the LC forum but noticed your Total Gym post, so glad to give feedback. It is one of the best infocommercial products that I know (just a few). I too have the Total Gym 1700, and have it set up all the time in my basement so I use it daily. It is what I call "moderate workout." I like it set up to do squats and pullups in "circuit fashion." The cables exercises are okay, but like I said it gives excellent workouts for those needing "moderation." I have it setup next to a weight bench with adjustable dumbells which is next to a recumbent bike, also on the door I have Bodylastics bands set up. For me, doing even 10 minutes circuits are great. I might do 40 TG squats, jump to the recumbent bike and do a mile, then pull bands off the door. TG is great for pullups too because most people cannot do full pullups. I have a door pullup with assistance bands, but prefer TG pullups on high position. If I do 10-15 pullups, I'm at exhaustion. Total Gym squats are great for watching TV and doing varieties of squats. I do 40-50 at once if not in the circuit. I used to go to the gymn and work out of squats, but got a back injury doing too much, so now I go by the motto that "less is more" just do it more often. Total Gym is excellent for the "more often with variety." When Total Gym is setup, there is no real excuse for not doing exercise every day, even multiple times. You can lower TG and get an excellent hamstring workout, by putting feet over the bar and using hamstring muscles to pull your body up like a crunch. Few machines can work out like this. I don't use the cables much for what I do, but do feel the TG is excellent to fit in a "moderate" program. If mine were not working, I'd go buy another tomorrow. As for dvds, I don't use them except that I do have the P90X3 which is great. I use the TG in place of assisted pullups and chins. For those who want to workout without too much risk of injury and want excellent back support, Total Gym is perfect! I sound like a commercial, but I really use mine, several times a day. Of course, it is only worthwhile if you use it.

diabetic_d Wed, Mar-23-16 04:30

Maybe for clarification. I'm type 2 diabetic, so I use these moderate exercises numerous times to fight blood sugars after a meal or getting up first thing in the morning when blood sugar is typically high. That is why I have multiple exercise options. Do whatever you like and will do.

glimmergai Fri, Mar-25-16 07:50

You know, I had been on the old mindset that you needed to workout one day and then rest a day...but you are inspiring me to think differently about that. I may do my body makeover everyday!

That is great that you like the total gym and use it so much. I am glad you found something that has helped you. Have you found that your LC diet helps tremendously with your Diabetes? I apologize that I don't know much about Diabetes. So blood sugar rises as you sleep?

diabetic_d Sat, Mar-26-16 11:34

Hello once again Glimmergai,
You had several questions, and I do hope you never have to worry much about diabetes. LC is absolutely critical for diabetes management. I have dawn phenomenon issues which make my liver start producing glucose around 3-4 am. There are probably individuals that can give you better advice regarding exercise and how to do it, or certainly counter-advice. However, I believe, especially since you have it, the Total Gym can be a "total package" regarding exercise. When younger, I did the HIT training running hills and lifting heavy weights. I'm also a class A racquetball player now that I've lost some weight. But I've plateaued following 25 lbs loss, and it took me a decade to do it. I have sciatica every few years, so lifting heavy is troublesome, and racquetball is getting stressful for my age, but total gym can give you most everything you need and it is not so stressful that you have to recover every other day as with heavy weights. If not TG is not enough, just add some bands or an exercise dvd. I believe that if you use the Total Gym every day for 15 minutes or twice a day for 10 minutes each, you could have a very fine exercise routine. Losing weight, for me, if more about the restraint in the kitchen or as I've recently come to believe, the intermittent fasting. Hope this helps. Get going on that Total Gym!

JudyJMa Sat, Apr-30-16 16:42

I have been following the Total Gym plan for about 7 months until I lost 20 pounds. I would say it doesn’t differ from many other fit plans but it is effective and you can do it without paying for a trainer in the gym

Over43 Sun, Jun-06-21 22:31

I have been struggling for several years with exercise. Back pain, over the top muscle and joint aches, a direct order from my neurosurgeon not to touch free weights, no access to the pool where I used to swim, I sound like Eeyore.

Anyway, even my trusty Soloflex was causing back issues. Rewind to Christmas 2020. I walked downstairs to watch my adult kids, who were up at 4:30, open their presents. I noticed a very, very large box leaning against the couch. Everyone takes turns opening a present. Finally after a few rounds my wife let me know the very, very big box was mine. And in it was a brand new Total Gym XLS. I was shocked. For years I snickered when I saw Chuck and Christie on the tube. Swore I would never buy/own one.

The Total Gym XLS is fantastic. Truly. I was wrong. I use it three days a week. Full body workouts. I do a lot of deep knee bends while the glide board keeps my back happy. I do modified pull ups and dips. I never thought those two exercises would be part of my repertoire again. The inverted shoulder press keeps my back happy as well. I can do exercises I have not done in years. I even get the pump, I have not felt the pump in years.

So, if you could not tell I, like Chuck Norris, approve!

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