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MickiSue Wed, Oct-14-15 08:31

Doctor Visit
I had a follow up visit yesterday with my endocrinologist, after having a 6 month trial on a higher level of Armour Thyroid.

We're going back to my old dose of 90 mg; my TSH had dropped quite a bit, to below the reference range. But what was so interesting to me is that I'm becoming, apparently, an anomaly in medicine.

I'm 64. I first weighed nearly 190 when I went to see him, yesterday, fully clothed and having eaten breakfast, I was at 166. That's unusual. Endocrinologist usually see their patients gain and then gain some more.

But, even more, I take only thyroid replacement. He was surprised when he saw that that was my only med.

I can't imagine having to take a pill for this and a pill for that, and two pills for the other thing; but so many people do. And, as they get older, the number of pills increases.

Funny to think that merely NOT taking pills is a victory. But, in this world, with the terrible results of the SAD, it really is. And I'll take my victories where I can find them!

Nancy LC Wed, Oct-14-15 08:36

Congrats! That is just awesome. Yes, I agree with you that we're so over medicalized. You need medicines to correct the symptoms caused by medicines.

We live in a nutty world.

Congrats again!

cotonpal Wed, Oct-14-15 08:52

Not taking pills is an accomplishment. I am closing in on 67 yrs old and I take no medication. There are so many benefits to this lchf diet. As many here have said, it is not just about weight loss it's about all around health. I am grateful every day that I found this way of eating.

You're doing great MickiSue.


eljohnw Wed, Oct-14-15 08:52

Congratulations MickiSue, you are right, most of my friends and neighbors ( I live in a 55+ community) spent a lot of money on meds , half of it probably aren't necessary. It is almost a badge of honor to take more pill then your neighbors. When I tell them that I am on any meds and just take vitamins they look at me like I came from another planet. Making big pharma even richer is part of the American dream.

MickiSue Wed, Oct-14-15 11:28

Thanks, you guys, and Ellen, you made me laugh. Gotta keep Big Pharma happy at (literally) all costs.

I have been down on AARP ever since they supported that godawful Medicare medication coverage, written by the pharmaceutical companies. The first year it was instituted, I was standing in line at the pharmacy, waiting to pick up my thyroid.

In front of me was an older lady, in tears. She had hit the "donut hole" in her pharmacy coverage, and had just been told that the cost for her month's worth of meds was over $2000.

Somebody, or a lot of somebodies, should go to jail for that, and things like that.

AnneChoco Thu, Oct-15-15 13:55

You go girl!

MickiSue Thu, Oct-15-15 15:33

:D Thanks!

cjay Mon, Oct-26-15 16:42

It's interesting. When I would take my mother to doctor, I would watch people come in with their bag of pills. She had hers too before she passed away. I thought of her during my last doctor's visit, when at 58, here I come in with mine.

This way of eating works for me, if I work it. When I work it, my cholesterol goes down, and therefore my medicine (and cost!) goes down. Yes, yours is a victory. Keep on keeping on.

Merpig Mon, Oct-26-15 17:49

I take Armour thyroid too. Haven't tested lately but ideally would like to see my TSH to be under one, we'll see. I confess I take metformin also, though those two are it - and yes it's sad, but when I started with my new doctor in June her nurse, who took my medical history, exclaimed in amazement "that's *all* you take!" Sad to think that seems like a rarity. Congratulations! :D

GRB5111 Thu, Oct-20-16 04:54

Excellent news! It's amazing how the expected norm, as we progress through our 60s, is managing multiple medications. Given your commitment to your WOE and the results you're continuing to experience, being on one prescription for management purposes is a major victory! Being able to limit, reduce, or eliminate medications altogether is another clear indicator that your WOL is on the right path.

Ilikemice Thu, Oct-20-16 07:02

Yeah, that's great. Just this last week my SO had to be in the hospital overnight (old cardiac issues) and even though he is taking 2 regular and one temporary med, they kept marvelling that that was all he was prescribed. Also kept raving about how fit he is, even though in my opinion he's gained some weight and doesn't stay as LC as I'd like him to.
I'm 54 and only on blood pressure meds regularly. I hope to get off those soon.
I don't really understand the "donut hole" thing, off to the googles I guess.

MickiSue Thu, Oct-20-16 08:17

This is a good explanation:

That's what happens when you let the pharmaceutical companies write the coverage plans!

Ilikemice Thu, Oct-20-16 09:41

Thanks. It doesn't sound too bad. What did the pharmaceutical companies get changed about it? Sorry, I'm dense.

MickiSue Thu, Oct-20-16 13:53

The entire Medicare Part D plan was written for the Republican Congress by the pharmaceutical companies. And, YES, if you are living on a fixed income, and you are on Medicare, it's pretty bad.

One of the provisions of that plan is that there will be no discounting of medications: so people, and Medicare, are paying full price for meds that might be 90% less expensive in other countries, because those other countries DO get discounts from those same pharmaceutical companies.

If you can't discount, you are going to hit the donut hole much faster. Many people are on a number of expensive meds.

Let's say you are a 75 year old person, and the retail price (which is what is charged for your meds) on a monthly basis is $1000. That is NOT hard to hit at retail: a 30 day supply of a med I had ordered for pain after a car accident was, all by itself, $250.

Let's also say that your Social Security payments are $1200 monthly. Not at all an uncommon amount--many get less. So, suddenly, from your $1200 a month, you now have to pay $450 for medication, bringing you a total of $750 a month for everything else.

It's a bad plan. Written, quite frankly, by bad people.

Locarber16 Thu, Oct-20-16 15:31

:clap: Well done!

It's amazing how the body will heal itself given optimal nutrition and enough sleep

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