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joe burns Wed, Apr-17-02 15:47

Is there any one out there living in Ireland

Is there anyone out there living in Ireland ?
If there is i would love to hear from you to compare how you find things especally when food shopping and general reaction when you tell someone you are Low Carbing


fiona Wed, Apr-17-02 21:51

Not Irish
Where I live in England is more commonly known as The Irish Centre!

Can't comment on the shopping but generally the reaction to LCing is not too positive. If it was not for this Forum and the support and advice I get here I would likely have been pulled back into the Low Fat is healthier way of thinking. You need to try it and if it works for you do everything in your power to stay with it.

When I first started the first two weeks were so tough (still remember the headache) that it was only my determination to give it a full two-week 100% commitment trial that kept me going. I am very glad I did. It has changed my life.
Take care.

tink Thu, Apr-18-02 01:31


Where abouts in Ireland are you ?

I'm not there but I have roots there. I do most of my shopping online - even Tescos as I never have time to actually go. I tend to stick to things I know, fish, cheese, veggies, cream etc etc. About once a month I try to go to check out labels and try new things. I also use these boards as inspiration and a source of info for foods and recipies.

I have had a fairly positive reaction as a few people I know are doing it and others have seen the results - even my mother - a hardened low fat, calorie counting weight watcher is off to buy herself the book this week !

there is loads of support and info here

:roll: :roll: :roll:

joe burns Thu, Apr-18-02 02:13

Hi Tink

I live in Sligo just moved from the UK back to Ireland after living there for 18 years, in September.

I find most people have not heard of Low Carbing .If i am in the Cafe for breakfast they think somethings wrong if i dont take the bread or toast as their portions are very genourous.


Doodle Mon, Apr-22-02 15:14

Hi Joe!
i am in Dublin, born and bred, except for a few years in the states... DELIGHTED to meet you! We must chat.

joe burns Wed, Apr-24-02 09:04

Hi Doodle

Yes we must chat.

Do you know anyone else in Ireland that is Low Carbing.

P.S my sister law is married in Baldoyle


toodlepip Mon, Apr-29-02 08:11

Hey Joe.....I'm in Dublin.....just started low carbing today......spent half my lunch hour plodding through M&S and Dunnes reading labels.....

I haven't told too many people I'm doing this yet, going to wait and see how it goes....

joe burns Mon, Apr-29-02 08:38


Hi Toodlepip

Yeah i find it easier not to tell anyone.I have told only family and a few friends as it is easier than having to explain what your doing.But if i am out at lunch at work i just explain to whoever i am with, then i dont end up eating something i shouldnt.
Good luck with the Low Carbing and keep in touch


Doodle Mon, Apr-29-02 08:49

As soon as we collect a decent amount of people in Ireland, we should arrange a "get together".

toodlepip Mon, Apr-29-02 09:59

Yeah Joe, I think I'll tell people as need be. So far just my live-in partner knows and he's very supportive, if not slightly bemused by my ranting " I cannot have sugar, we are not going out for dinner and I'm off the booze!".

Sounds good Doodle...

clodagh Fri, May-10-02 09:39

HI Joe

I live in Dublin and have been following The Schwarzbein Principle now for 9 weeks. and 8lbs down!!!

I don't find it too hard to feed myself, as the main ingredients for my woe are easily available ....meat, veg, salads etc.

I am demented looking at labels in Superquinn the point where I am now reading the ingredients on the back of washing powder boxes!!!

I'd love to be able to get the sweeteners they talk about on this site so I could make some desserts!!!!

I buy bournville chocolate and eat 2.3 squares when I need a fix.
But I would kill for a low carb cereal!!! I really miss that.

how are you getting on? and where do you live?


Doodle Fri, May-10-02 14:19

Hi Clodagh, where in Dublin are you?
Doods. :)

joe burns Fri, May-10-02 16:42

:wave: Hi Clodagh

I am getting on really well i am quiet happy with my progress.
Its becoming second nature now
I miss my pint occasionaly but i am getting to like Spritzers.
My Sister in Law lives in Balydoyle.
I live in Co Sligo myself but i seem to be out numbered by the Dublin ladies.
Keep in touch


clodagh Mon, May-13-02 02:19

Morning all

I am from Raheny originally ( I know Baldoyle well, Joe) but now live in Clondalkin with my fiance.

Seamus is from Tipp and we spent the weekend there visiting his Dad. I tried to explain my diet to him but he is quite old and he found it very confusing!!!!!

He just couldn't understand why I wouldn't eat cereal and bread but lashed into a plate of bacon and eggs!!!!!

Where are you, Doodle?

Doodle Mon, May-13-02 02:22

I am in Blackrock, I grew up in Sandymount and went to school in the states ( my mum is american)... We should meet up sometime!

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