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plantair Sat, Nov-02-02 21:30

low carb foods available in australia
Can anyone give me names and brand names of low carb foods that you can buy in australia wo use with the atkin diet.
thanks linda

Rosebud Sat, Nov-02-02 23:11

Hi Linda, :wave:

Welcome to the forum and to low carbing!

Firstly, I don't use much in the way of "products" other than fresh vegies, meat, fish, eggs, cheese and cream.

If you ever get to Sydney, there are GNC stores there that carry LC stuff. I've heard people say they dislike the Atkins Bake Mix.
I use almond meal (available in all supermarkets) on the rare occasions I do any baking.

If you check the "mayonnaise" thread below, you'll get some help there. On the whole, avoid anything that is labelled "low fat" as that is generally a pretty good indication that it will be higher in carbs than the full fat version.

Have a look through the forum here, and also check the Yellow Pages to the right of your screen.

Products such as low carb bars, while they sound convenient and tasty, often stall people who use them. They contain sugar alcohols. For more info on the sugar alcohols (and lots of other things) check the "Low Carb Tips" on the orange bar at the top of your screen.

One more thing, you might find your other posts on this topic get moved. The forum moderators try to avoid duplicate posts as people may miss answers which are posted in another forum.

One more suggestion is to start up your own journal here, a great way to make friends as well as keeping track of what you are up to. To read anyone's journal, simply click on the little journal icon at the bottom of each post.

Cheers matey, nice to "meet" you. If you have any more questions, please feel free to post 'em.


LeonieAlex Wed, Dec-25-02 17:49

Russells shops have been taken over by GCN stores around Sydney. You can buy lots of products like Atkins choc.bars, atkins bake mix etc. They are in the city, chatswood, dee why.

Hope this helps.


princess_K Sat, Dec-28-02 05:10


There is low carb icecream.. but I am yet to find it.. I bought some low carb bread the other day and that was ok.. other than that.. it is not easy..


LeonieAlex Sun, Dec-29-02 15:55

I have looked for the bread and the ice cream everywhere without any luck.
Where did you find them?
I live in Manly Sydney. I would love to find the bread and have french toast in the morning.

Good luck with your food. :wave:

princess_K Sun, Dec-29-02 16:25

Hi Leonie

The bread is Country Life - Alpha Life Omega 3 Bread - 7gms carbs minus fibre content - works out to around 5gms carbs per slice.

Now the ice cream is made by Peters I think.. as I said I have yet to find it.. it has a lime green lid and has low carb written on it.. I have heard that you can buy it in Coles and Woolies.. but I haven't seen it..

I live on the Gold Coast but you may have better luck in Sydney.. I got the bread from a local health food store.. so can't help you there..

All the best


Rosebud Sun, Dec-29-02 19:07

Hi guys,

About the bread: I used to think it was 7g minus the fibre, but I was wrong. The fibre has already been subtracted, so it's 7 g carbs per slice.


princess_K Sun, Dec-29-02 19:45

Thanks for that Roz

I was only going by what was in the yellow pages thingy on the right..


katticus Tue, Jan-14-03 20:24

Low-carb sweets
Hi Lo-carbers.

I am new to this forum, and to low-carbing, but I have found that Darrell Lea have zero-carb chocolate which is made with splenda so it can be melted and used in cooking, and put on top of things like strawberries.

They also have low-carb choc-covered almonds (there are about 4.5g of carbs per 100g in the almonds, but the choc is zero carb), and they have some really nice zero-carb fruit chews which taste a bit like Starburst chews.

These have satisfied my cravings for sweet things, especially the almonds and fruit chews which I can't get enough of !! If only Darrell Lea made their licorice in zero-carb, my life would be perfect!

If anyone can tell me of low-carb icecream available in Australia, it will make my day.

Katticus :wave:

princess_K Tue, Jan-14-03 20:36

Hi Katticus

Apparently there is a low carb icecream available from Coles and Woolies.. but I am yet to find it :( I guess my stores don't carry it.. I am thinking of asking them to stock it for me...


katticus Tue, Jan-14-03 21:06

Lo-carb icecream
Thanks Princess. I will be on the lookout. I have an icecream maker but I just can't seem to get it to be quite the same texture as commercially available icecream... my local woolies is quite useless when it comes to product range as well, but I will look around.

Hey, your picture looks familiar... have we met before? :)

Katt :wave:

vangal Tue, Jan-14-03 23:25

G'day all ...

Peters lowcarb icecream is available at my local Bilo in Adelaide and seem to recall seeing it in Coles a while back. Being an icecream junkie, I was delighted when I saw while shopping recently but when I read the label I decided it was no good ... I think it was because of the sweetners used in it.

Yes, it is a green tub with a yellowish lid and clearly states Peters low carb icecream.

Thanks for the bread tip! My husband and I are not eating it at the moment but it's good to know for the kids and for us later on.

Hope this helps.


PS> Can any1 tell me any australian sites that support Atkins & lowcarbing and product purchasing. I'd be most appreciative. Thanks.

katticus Tue, Jan-14-03 23:43

LowCarb icecream
Hi VanGal,

Thanks so much for the tip - I will trawl through every Coles & Bi-Lo till I find it! I am curious to know what the problem was with the icecream - whether the carb content was too high, or you didn't like the sweeteners they used (aspartame maybe?).

I have learned on this site that GNC (Good Nutrition Centres) stock some low-carb products, so I am on my way there this afternoon to have a squizzy. An American friend told me she just lived on Atkins Shake mixes for her breakfasts when she was in the States, I would like to find something similar here... being a working mum, I don't have the time to cook myself bacon and eggs every morning!

Thanks again VanGal, how are things in beautiful Adelaide?

Katt :spin:

vangal Wed, Jan-15-03 00:44

Hi there,

U R very welcome for the tip! I think it was because it had aspartame or something like that. Apparently it takes really nice but I don't like the idea of using aspartame and Atkins recommends against it anyway.

I've not heard of these GNC (Good Nutrition Centres) - can u tell me more. I would like to find something similar here also. I too am a working mum, and don't have the time to cook myself bacon and eggs every morning! ... although hubby usually looks after me like that. :p

Adelaide is beautiful and sun is shining (ps. "Son" is shining also!!!) heheee :D

princess_K Wed, Jan-15-03 00:59


You will find that unlike America not alot of products are made on slenda.. most are aspartame


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