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Luckyk26 Mon, Jun-02-14 04:08

Anybody else actively quitting?
I know I need to quit. I lost 50lbs and it just feels counterproductive to smoke now. But I'm pretty sure this will be harder for me than cutting out sugar, starch and gluten. So I'm going to approach it like I did my weight loss - talking with others (hopefully). Haven't had one since about noon yesterday so I'm at the point where I'm trying to rationalize stopping for a pack before work :)

JulieCosta Mon, Jun-02-14 04:56

You have two choices from here. You will decide that you have quit as of now and will never have another cigarette again, or you will spend your days subconsciously counting down the hours until you actually have one again.

One thing I found that helped was how I dealt with the cravings. When they hit out of nowhere, I saw them as my brain trying to catch me off guard, trying to get me to have a cigarette. Take note of that feeling, knowing that it will pass fairly quickly. Once the craving is gone, chalk it up as a win and know that you can overcome the next one the same way.

Also, recognise your danger times. If you normally have a cigarette after dinner, switch out your routine so you do something different and it may help you to get past that moment. If stress makes you smoke, as you feel the stress mounting, tell yourself that you will NOT have a cigarette just because of that bit of stress because you know that it will pass, as will the craving - and you will be glad afterwards that you didn't.

I'm sorry this is so preachy - but I tried to quit quite a few times using all sorts of tricks that they tell you (patches, cutting back etc). In the end, I just put them down and didn't have another one, finding that far easier than all the quit-smoking aids. Each day gets easier, it just depends on whether you really do want to quit. If you don't, then you will spend your days hanging out until you can have your next cigarette, which only makes it a matter of time until you do.

Luckyk26 Mon, Jun-02-14 07:45

Donít apologize at all. Iím more of the type of person that needs a good kick in the a** - not coddling haha. Iíve quit before and I know I have to go cold turkey Ė but for some reason I just canít get myself ready this time. I think its partly because Iím afraid to gain weight when I quit. I only smoke in the car so really the drive to work and back are my only craving times. I have about 3-4 a day which really is nothing and I *should* be able to let it go Ė but, like I said, its harder this time. I know I need to just do it.

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