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TaDa! Thu, Jul-21-22 12:54

New-ish Products
Anything New I should be aware of? I recently tried the Aldi Keto hamburger rolls and they are fantastic - maybe there are other new things..

Also has anyone tried the "Palm" Heart noodles. I guess they're just vegetables cut as noodles - sounds like it could be fantastic, firmer than Zoodles, etc.

Thanks for any thoughts!

jlalbrew Tue, Aug-16-22 10:09

Hi There! I have been on this site for years, but I rarely post. I just had to share with you that I bought the Egg Life Egg White Wraps at Aldis a while back and they are wonderful in my opinion! Only 30-35 calories depending on the flavor (I have tried southwest and everything bagel seasoning). I think 1 carb each. The flavor is very subtle. The egg wraps are small-ish and somewhat fragile, BUT I have never had one fall apart on me when I roll it up tightly with fillings. I spread them with a Laughing Cow Pepper Jack wedge which takes the place of mayo and cheese for me. I put on 2 or 3 slices of thin cut deli meat and it makes a great meal/snack!

JLx Tue, Aug-16-22 14:36

You can cut those Egg Life things up into noodles too. Just put them in boiling water for a few minutes, I think it was - per Maria Emmerich and them use as any other pasta. You can cut them up and bake them into crackers too - check the Egg Life website for recipes like that. You can make your own of these things too; recipes all over You Tube. One is Indigo Nilli's.

One product I like more than any other keto store bought bread or any that I've ever made either for that matter, is Brownberry Keto Bread.

thud123 Wed, Aug-17-22 05:07

shirataki noodles - not really new but fairly popular and fun to experiment with

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