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ferrygirl Thu, Aug-11-11 23:16

Ferrygirl's Journey to Fabulous Fitness
Recently, I've really been wanting to amp up my fitness. I have a high BF percentage - currently about 33% (I'm 5'7" and about 158 lbs). So, I want to get ripped! Well, not ripped exactly - just less ripply. :)

I've been exercising regularly for about a year. I started running last September, and in November, I joined a gym. I usually take a few classes a week there and work on a training menu set up for me by the trainers at the gym.

In September, I'm probably going to run in my 1st 5k (eek), so I will be training for that in the next month.

Current strength exercises:
Chest press - 18.5 kg
Seated row - 14 kg
Triceps - 1 kg
Crunch machine - 5.5 kg
Leg machine - 11.5 kg

I'm looking forward to seeing how I improve over time!

ferrygirl Fri, Aug-12-11 06:23

Woooo! That was a workout! I'm really tired, but I set a new running record for myself.

35 min - Ran to the gym - 2.75 miles/4.43 km
20 min - Reg. strength
45 min - Easy aerobics class
30 min - Rhythm boxing class
35 min - Ran home - 2.75 miles/4.43 km

I have never run 5 miles in one day before! My abs ache, and I don't want to think about what my hamstrings will feel like on Sunday. But I feel kind of powerful - didn't know I had that much running in me!

ferrygirl Fri, Aug-12-11 18:06

Today is going to be a lighter day - my body is a little tired!
30 min - Skipped bus, walked to the train station and home
10 min - Home strength training
Wall pushups
Side bends w/ towel
Skater squats (ouch)

ferrygirl Sun, Aug-14-11 01:24 arms and elbow joints are aching today! My arms are a little hyperextended, so sometimes my elbows ache from being overstretched.

30 min - Treadmill 4k (ran 2 miles in just under 22 min)
30 min - Stairmaster - 10 min increments 60-55-60 steps/min
20 min - Strength menu
10 min - Stretch

Cute gym trainer stretched my shoulders :)

ferrygirl Mon, Aug-15-11 17:02

Yesterday's workout:
30 min - Treadmill 4k
15 min - Stairmaster
10 min - Strength - leg press, back kick, crunches, calf raises, hamstring curl

ferrygirl Tue, Aug-16-11 07:00

Today's workout
45 min - Aerobics class
30 min - Stairmaster
20 min - Strength menu

ferrygirl Wed, Aug-17-11 07:18

Today's workout
15 min - Bootcamp Cardio

It was supposed to be 30 min, but I was feeling unusually hot and achy, so I stopped.

ferrygirl Sat, Aug-20-11 07:22

Really enjoyed my workout today! I hadn't exercised for a few days, so it was nice to get back in the swing of things. Had a new personal best on the treadmill! Yay.
30 min - Treadmill - 4.7 km
30 min - Stairmaster
30 min - Exercise bike
20 min - Strength menu

ferrygirl Mon, Aug-22-11 07:34

Yesterday, I spent the day outside at a festival, so I didn't do anything. Hopped back to it today with a 7km run to a pretty lake. I thought the lake was 5km from my house...but it was 7! So I got in a free bonus run!

I saw deer along the way. One ran right out in front of me and led the way for a few. I stopped so it would head back to the safety of the brush (I was afraid it was going to cut into oncoming traffic). But it was kind of fun to run with deer. Too bad I'm nowhere near as fast as they are!

Oh, and I signed up for my first 5k today! I am excited and nervous all in one!

ferrygirl Tue, Aug-23-11 07:08

Today's workout:
15 min - Stairmaster (60)
20 min - Strength menu
15 min - Walk on treadmill
45 min - Zumba

ferrygirl Sat, Aug-27-11 02:40

40 min - 5k interval practice

16 min - 2k run with students

14 min - 2k run with students (I beat the other 2 teachers going my distance - bwahahahaha! ;) )
?? min - 3k run after school

ferrygirl Sun, Aug-28-11 05:27

Today: Health Check
Weight: 72.4
BF: 33.1%
LBM: 48.4
Bike heart rate performance: 4 - 39.2 ml/kg
Squeeze test: 4 - 31.5 kg
Situps in 30 seconds: 4 - 19 situps
Balance: 3 - 17 seconds
Flexibility: 4 - 19.9 cm
Fitness age: 25 (w00t)

It hadn't been that long since my last check (7/17). There wasn't really any weight or BF change. It's hard to get rid of body fat. That stuff is stubborn! But I really did much better on the bike heart rate test this time - last time I scored a level 1 or something. This time I got a level 4.

ferrygirl Mon, Aug-29-11 07:14

65 min - 5.18 mile walk run (.88 warmup/cooldown)

ferrygirl Tue, Aug-30-11 23:14

45 min - Zumba
40 min - Unknown Japanese exercise class

ferrygirl Sat, Sep-03-11 16:49

25 min - Treadmill
15 min - Stairmaster
20 min - Exercise bike

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