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Nancy LC Tue, Nov-09-21 09:07

Data-Driven Fasting -- Challenge Results
If there's already a thread, please redirect me.

I finished my first DDF challenge and lost 10 pounds (2 the day after the challenge ended). Of course, it's a lot of pounds because I haven't been terribly low carb before I started it, so a lot of water weight went. However, I lost about 1.5" off my waist and the best part is my waking, and fasting, blood sugar has dropped about 20 points.

This despite the fact I was lured by something called "Keto Crunch" at Costco and started eating them. Only after I had committed a bunch to the chowder chute did I finally read the label. They contained sugar and rice syrup. So deceptive! So, into the trash they went. I was fully expecting to see my punishment on the scales this morning, but instead I had lost 2 pounds. So perhaps it wasn't so awful.

I do think probably the main thing I took away from DDF is that I have to lower fat and carbs, not just carbs. That and hunger training. I have dieted so harshly in my past that I get triggered by hunger very easily. However, here's the thing, the hunger beast is much more gentle when my blood sugar isn't pushing me around. My cravings are way, way less when the blood sugar isn't pushing me around. I can even control my portions and not go back for seconds when my blood sugar is under control. It really is pretty amazing.

I am also curious about allulose and it's ability to lower blood sugar. I made a keto-pumpkin bread and used allulose to sweeten it. After that was when my blood sugar really fell. I've been having a piece of that every day. Maybe just coincidental. But I did read some papers about allulose's ability to do so.

I'm quite delighted with the results and so very grateful I was directed to DDF. I was hugely skeptical because I've had such poor results with about everything in the last 20 years. This might be the main website if anyone is interested. [link][/link]

They make money doing Facebook/App challenges, but the fee is very reasonable. You could do it on your own, I think, but it really helps to have people to mentor you. I went ahead and paid for the unlimited challenges after I saw the results I was getting.

JEY100 Tue, Nov-09-21 12:09

Wow Nancy, those are great results in only 4 weeks. There are some earlier threads on DDF, and Marty Kendall's Optimizing Nutrition, but they are under the Diabetes and Semi-Low Carb forums, where few people bother to read. I would suggest it is very helpful to all to have this thread on DDF here in General Low Carb.

DDF and The P:E Diet have both worked very well for me to break through a so-called 11 year "stall" on LC/Keto. :lol: Now I have lost 75 pounds, 38 of them through DDF in 15 months!!

Of course, it is not just weight loss. With increasing nutrient dense foods, minor annoying health problems are also gone. That can be as simple as making the meals at Dr Naiman's Or as complicated as a Nutrient Optimisation Masterclass analyzing 30 + nutrients.

So to add my results for this challenge, it was "only" 3 pounds…but I have now lost 75 pounds in total, at a low 22 BMI, and only 5 pounds above Dr Naiman's strict "ideal" weight calculation. That is 145 pounds for me at 5’9”. At first I thought that crazy to aim for at 70 years old…but now it seems a possibility.

Merely to leave a trail of low carb crumbs:


The P:E Diet:

Optimising Nutrition:

And for some background on why low carb may be keeping you "stalled" above your ideal weight, a good chapter by chapter summary of Big, Fat, Keto Lies.

Thanks again Nancy!

cotonpal Tue, Nov-09-21 14:18

Great results Nancy. So glad you found a way out of your discouragement. Your blood glucose results are really great news!

From the Masterclass I learned to optimize protein and have continued doing that for nearly 2 years now. From participating in this DDF that just ended I learned that I needed to reduce the amount of fat I ate and that I could increase the amount of carbs I was eating, although not by much. The DDF accomplished what I wanted. I stop my weight creep and lost the relatively few pounds I had gained, but more importantly I stopped my less than disciplined eating that was causing the weight creep. I got an unlimited membership also and will continue with the challenges. I find the group helpful. It helps keep me on track.

thud123 Wed, Nov-10-21 08:37

I'll catch up on this thread later, at work now :)


GRB5111 Thu, Nov-11-21 08:15

Excellent results, Nancy. Glad you took the leap, as I find the combination of DDF for understanding and managing one's own BG dynamics plus applying the P:E principles when eating to be very powerful. I like a simple application of being able to follow good nutrition, and this combination has worked very well for me.

Nancy LC Thu, Nov-11-21 14:10

I focused more on hunger training than cutting fat this time. Next challenge I'll lean harder on cutting back on fat. What a difference not eating at night makes in my fasting blood sugar. I wasn't so good last night and munched some pork rinds. As a result my FBG was 120! Lately it'd been below 100.

cotonpal Thu, Nov-11-21 17:01

Nancy - I believe that one of the best decisions I have made in terms of my blood sugar control, beyond eating low carb, was to not eat after 6PM. I've been doing that for a few years now. During this challenge I reduced my fat intake from about 60+% to 40+% and I believe that has had a positive effect as well. Prioritizing protein has certainly helped as well. Seems there's always something new to learn.

thud123 Tue, Nov-16-21 12:05

Originally Posted by Nancy LC
...I do think probably the main thing I took away from DDF is that I have to lower fat and carbs, not just carbs. That and hunger training. I have dieted so harshly in my past that I get triggered by hunger very easily. However, here's the thing, the hunger beast is much more gentle when my blood sugar isn't pushing me around. My cravings are way, way less when the blood sugar isn't pushing me around. I can even control my portions and not go back for seconds when my blood sugar is under control. It really is pretty amazing.

Relating BG readings to how hungry I feel as been enlightening for me as well. I'm learning that it's ok to feel a little hungry but too many times i'll ignore that and get VERY hungry and over eat - and even perhaps the wrong things that I bought while in that state.

Prioritizing protein as well has a hidden benefit for me and that is, if I want to keep my general caloric intake at a reasonable level, I need to ditch some of the added fats in favor of protein - my carbs are usually not an issue especially as far as the percent of engergy I get from them compared to fat.

I'm trying to find a place where I can develop a pattern and eat two reasonable meals a day - Like you Nancy, I'm able to stop mid meal sometimes and say, "that's enough" and stop eating and put away a left over to two (at least I think you mentioned something like that in your OP but I'm too lazy to go check - some things die hard, my laziness ha! :) )

Greetings to you other DDF'res and NO'ers - Looking forward to bringing this practice into the holiday season.

cotonpal Tue, Nov-16-21 12:12

I'm in for the November challenge too. Prioritizing protein has been the key for me. I am at a really good place in my eating routine. The bg information and its relationship to hunger is really interesting. One things I have learned beyond prioritizing protein is that the before meal bg is more important than the after meal bg. Of course that assumes one is not indulging in high carb junk food, but on a nutrient dense diet after meal bg takes care of itself so you just wait for your bg to go down sufficiently before you eat. Works for me. There's always something new to learn.

thud123 Tue, Nov-16-21 12:20

Right on the money wth that Jean. If i'm prioritizing protein and eating "carbs" that have "some" nutritional value, say, collard greens that I'll have for lunch today I don't pay too much attention to my after meal BG - sometimes it's even lower that pre -meal.

Me = Eat smaller, nutrient dense meals - everything else seems to take care of itself If I can follow this. But I still stray often :( That's why I'm here working on it.

JEY100 Wed, Nov-17-21 04:00

Happy to see you all back for another round, Thanksgiving Edition. I unfortunately started celebrating early, the day my weight went below 150, darn, those pounds come back fast!

JEY100 Wed, Nov-17-21 09:15

If anyone here is considering Data Driven Fasting (really should be Data Driven Eating, since many people give up longer fasts and eat well twice a day) here is a new very short description from Marty Kendall.

The secret to weight loss lies in this tiny machine, a simple blood glucose meter.

We noticed SO MANY people failing popular fasting protocols. With no data to personalise their routine, sadly, most end up losing and gaining the same few pounds/kilos over and over. With no emphasis on WHAT to eat, this often leads to fat gain, loss of precious muscle and worsening metabolic health.

That's why we created Data-Driven Fasting (DDF) - to empower you to fine-tune WHEN and WHAT you eat to ensure you move towards your goal over the long term.
With Data-Driven Fasting, you will get to know your hunger. You will learn to give your body WHAT it needs WHEN it needs it.
DDF is not magic. You simply use your blood BEFORE you eat to ensure you are achieving a negative energy balance over the long term.

Our DDF app will guide you, based on your blood sugars when you feel hungry, to make better food choices that will help you achieve greater satiety and fat loss. We want you to find the perfect routine and achieve the results you hope for.
The Data-Driven Fasting Challenge will guide you to gain control of your blood glucose and achieve healthy body fat levels to give you the best chance for a long and vibrant life!

The 30-Day DDF Challenge will guide you through the following phases:
- Baselining - Identify Your Personalised Trigger that you will use to validate your hunger and when you need to eat to refuel.
- Your current foods/meals - Learn how the foods you currently eat affect your blood glucose.
- Hunger Training - Learn to delay eating until your blood glucose is below Your - Current Trigger to make sure that you only eat when you need to refuel.
- Kerb your late-night binging - Use your waking blood glucose to identify if you are eating too late.
- Main Meal vs Discretionary Meals
- Identify the Main Meal you will use to anchor your eating routine and ensure you get the nutrients you need.
- Optimise your eating routine - Lock in your new habits to guarantee you are moving towards your goals.

What you will get:
- The Data-Driven Fasting app to track your progress and guide your routine and meal choices.
- A Structured 30-day program to guide you to optimise YOUR fasting routine to ensure you achieve your goals.
- 170-page manual complete with detailed instructions and answers to 99 frequently asked questions.
- A workbook to reflect on your learning during the challenge.
Weekly Live Q&As where you can ask all your questions and get extra support.
Best of all, we get to do this in a vibrant interactive community forum where you can share your journey and ask lots of questions.
Cost - USD$37

Join us now at
We can't wait to get started Saturday, 20 November 2021!

thud123 Wed, Nov-17-21 11:31

" ensure you move towards your goal over the long term..."

Emphasis Mine.

This approach can help you lose X pounds or Kilos before that special date, but I believe that's short sighted. I'm using Data Driven Eating (Fasting - thanks Jey100, perfect!) to try to establish an approach to eating (or not eating) and nutrition to close out my life here on this tiny planet, in the middle of everywhere and nowhere at the same time :)

Cheers and have a great November session!

JEY100 Sun, Nov-21-21 05:29

Another Crazy first day of Challenge! But the big news…

This is a special challenge because everyone will have access to our new Private Community (NO More Big Brother FB) at the end and can join for free.

Details how to join for free will be shared at the end of this challenge, ready for the new NutrientOptimiser and DDF challenges in 2022.

If anyone is concerned about pricking your finger, there are many tips shared in the group how to do it correctly so it does not hurt, e.g. off to the side, not on the more sensitive center of tip, massage more blood toward tip, warm hand with friction, alternate sites, and more. Those work well for me, I don’t even feel it anymore, but some people buy a thinner gauge lancet.

Nancy LC Wed, Nov-24-21 11:25

I find my little finger, on the side, is the best spot. And it's quite a juicy spot too.

I had a weird experience I'm still puzzled about. I read that allulose can lower your blood sugar if you take some with a meal. It's a study. Anyway, I was making cranberry chutney with allulose and tasting it to try to get it balanced with sweetener and vinegar and all my spices. Then I went to TJ's and figured... "Eh, I'm still in getting my target mode until after the holiday, so why not eat that little bag of English toffee?" So yup, down the gullet. I went home and set a timer for 60 minutes to see what this little bag (with a couple of servings of toffee) would do to my BG. Unbelievably, it tested at 126. WHAT?!? The other day I had a 1x1 inch square of chocolate and it went to 140.

So, since my little digression, I've been testing and yeah, my BG is standing higher than normal, but wow... only 126? How the hell did that happen? Was it the allulose?

thud123 Fri, Nov-26-21 05:43

"I find my little finger, on the side, is the best spot. And it's quite a juicy spot too."


Nancy LC Fri, Nov-26-21 09:32

Scale read 2 pounds lighter on t-day! One back today, bet the other one mugs me tomorrow.

JEY100 Fri, Nov-26-21 10:41

2 pounds lighter…it was the toffee! :lol: whatever the reason, congrats!

To say you are not the only one would be an understatement. So many are surprised as well. Read the answers to Marty's question…What are you learning from tracking your blood sugar on Thanksgiving? I hope Marty will do an analysis of why all the low carb/keto followers are not seeing much increase at all. I would like to think I am now metabolically flexible, but could it be the food mixture? Protein and fat first? It is so noticeable I mentioned it on the main DDF FB page. I have been sitting out until today so I can't add anything until Monday. Due to DD's work schedule, our Thanksgiving will be tomorrow and Sunday.

cotonpal Fri, Nov-26-21 10:58

Although I did not indulge yesterday I did eat more freely than usual, including some dairy free mashed potatoes but no desserts this year since there were none provided that were dairy, gluten and egg free. Usually there is at least one made special for me that I can eat but alas not this year. I do not expect people to cater to my many food sensitivities and I am happy to be able to sit down and eat with everyone with more than enough provided that I can eat. Despite my semi indulgence my bg did not rise any more than it usually does which is never very much and less than it used to be before I lowered my fat intake and allowed for more carbs. DDF along with Nutrient optimization have truly benefitted me. I am grateful. There is much to give thanks for even without any pie.

Nancy LC Mon, Nov-29-21 10:41

Since I hadn't intended to cook for Thanksgiving, but ended up doing so, everything I made was LC (Keto, not low fat). However, I overate and the cranberry nut pie I made was insanely delicious (and low carb!). So I overate until that pie was gone a few days later. So when hunger training started I was up a good 3 pounds over my lovely T-day weigh-in. Oops!

Most of it is gone now, but hunger training after thanksgiving is no picnic.

JEY100 Mon, Nov-29-21 12:07

Same boat, waiting for my trigger to drop

JEY100 Tue, Nov-30-21 04:49

Awesome Deal today! a Cyber Monday deal for UNLIMITED DDF for only $59. And today, Tuesday, there will be a deal for the UMLIMITED DD Macros and Micros Masterclasses.

Become Unlimited
Data Driven Fasting Member (2022)
Cyber Monday Sale ($74 USD)
$59 USD

Live DDF Challenges 7 times per year ($259 value)
Get unlimited access to our DDF Web App ($149 value)

Truly Private (NOT Facebook) community for your consistent support


Even more awesome Cyber deal….. The Unlimited DDF Micro and Macro classes. Each is now 4 weeks long, 10!! of those each year…forever! This is more information than the previous program and for much lower cost. $97, reduced from $197.

To learn how to optimize the nutrient density of your diet, no matter what version of low carb, carnivore or vegetarian you follow…without supplements, this is a great program at a great price. :thup:

JEY100 Wed, Dec-01-21 09:01

As I was nosing around Mighty Networks, noticed that Robb Wolf charges $229.00 per year to join his group there. I don’t think Marty is planning to retire on all these Unlimited deals. This $97 for 10 classes per year…forever… is amazing.

Nancy LC Wed, Dec-01-21 10:15

Your link to the optimizing nutrition deal isn't working.

JEY100 Wed, Dec-01-21 10:47

Originally Posted by Nancy LC
Your link to the optimizing nutrition deal isn't working.

Well, drat. I was trying to link to a location that was not a private FB page, but since you are a member there, this should work for you. or this:

A heads up for another deal…a Christmas special for both Unlimited programs together.

Nancy LC Thu, Dec-02-21 10:38

I did sign up for the master class, unlimited.

I think I have officially lost 10 pounds now, maybe a bit more. I actually forgot to eat dinner last night.

Nancy LC Fri, Dec-03-21 10:46

Woo hoo! Love that scales can weigh in 2/10ths of a pound so seeing a new number is happy making! 187.8

JEY100 Fri, Dec-03-21 13:06

Me too! I started Baselining last Friday, so for 3 days had 3 celebration/holiday meals, and drinks!…and today was 2/10ths lower than start weight. If I can sail through through the holidays roughly where I started….all good. :wiggle:

Nancy LC Fri, Dec-03-21 16:11

Wow, that's amazing! I have to admit this challenge is much, much easier. I hadn't really gone back to old habits during my maintenance phase, so was still losing a bit. And I feel even less like eating something I shouldn't than during my 1st challenge. Truthfully, except when I'm very hungry, I barely even think about the diet.

GRB5111 Wed, Dec-08-21 10:43

Thanks for starting this thread, Nancy. As mentioned in another thread, this FB denier (me) is thrilled to learn that DDF will be FB-free starting in 2022. While I get some excellent group feedback here, I'm looking forward to sharing with a broader community in the near future. I, too, floated through Thanksgiving without being strict, but also not straying too far and getting back to normal shortly after. The result? No changes. Chasing insulin sensitivity is effective using DDF as a periodic barometer for regular true ups. Being an unlimited member enables one to stay consistent with the data required to re-establish one's necessary nutrition thresholds. I have a new BG meter (thanks for the feedback, thud), that provides the necessary feedback over time, and it's one where I'm no longer concerned about the accuracy of the readings.

My WOE is basically the same with emphasis on healthy protein and low carb veggies and berries for nutritional and flavor purposes. I'm a bit more diverse and no longer sweat the small stuff if I have an opportunity to venture into a food I don't usually eat. It's always interesting to see where my BG is after those diversions to determine what kind of an impact I'm experiencing. The learning continues. Good stuff.

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