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thud123 Fri, Mar-04-22 06:45

i prepping for tomorrow DDF. SEE U !!

JLx Fri, Mar-04-22 09:50

Nice job, Julia! For some reason I always thought your first name was Janet.

Me too! And the reason I remembered it is that it's the same name as mine. :)
Although I've been "JL" online for a long time.

JEY100 Fri, Mar-04-22 10:36

I was freaked about using Facebook when I joined over a decade ago. Only had to join it because our local LC support group decided to use it for meeting information and no longer send emails. So now there are various J first names, and nowhere my last name, scattered about the Internet. Who knew this social media thing would take off? :lol:

Nancy LC Fri, Mar-04-22 16:12

Oh, security through obfuscation? I get it! Let me guess, your name actually starts with a K. :-)

deirdra Fri, Mar-04-22 20:42

Originally Posted by JEY100
I was freaked about using Facebook when I joined over a decade ago. Only had to join it because our local LC support group decided to use it for meeting information and no longer send emails. So now there are various J first names, and nowhere my last name, scattered about the Internet. Who knew this social media thing would take off? :lol:
So your middle initial is E for Eternally and your last name initial is Y for Young? Perfect!

peppercat2 Sat, Mar-05-22 15:05

Has low carb friends forum closed down. I read on another site that this site closed down in June of 2018.

JEY100 Sat, Mar-05-22 17:11

Originally Posted by peppercat2
Has low carb friends forum closed down. I read on another site that this site closed down in June of 2018.

That's correct. A number of their members moved here around that time.

The index page to this LC forum is here:

And the main LowCarber home page:


JLx Sun, Mar-06-22 08:37

peppercat2 - Some of the people from LC Friends created LC Neighborhood. It's free and basically reproduces the old site. They have some recipe preservation too. But it's not nearly as popular as LC Friends was. (Or this community.)

Key Tones Sun, Mar-06-22 18:06

Hi All,

I was just poking around the forum and noticed this thread with Julia. I don't do data-driven fasting, but I was interested since I follow Dr. Naiman's P:E diet and would like to read along in case you guys talk about some high protein food I should be eating! I definitely love to interittent fast, but I go by how I feel rather than glucose readings, although I wear a CGM and keep an eye on it.

I haven't been on the forum much, and much less on LC Neighborhood. I feel kind of bad about that, but I've been in a funk and haven't been up to a lot of chatting with the group I used to weigh with. A long time ago, I was on the old (and dearly missed) Low Carb Friends daily and made some friends there that have mostly scattered. I like to check in with Auntie EM and Cathy once in a while on LC Neighborhood. You have to log in there or you see nothing at all. It took some faith for me to feel like doing that since there was nothing to see. I think that is why they are small - no one is going to join unless they have heard about it.

Anyway, the talk with my old forum groups really aren't relevant to me anymore - they are always talking high-fat foods of course, which I mostly avoid now.

Julia - I was looking at your profile and see that you are almost as tall as I am. You've reached an amazing weight for your height for sure! My goal for many years was 175, but I just updated it to my dream weight of 140. Who knows if I can get that. People in real life don't think I need to lose more weight, but I am small boned and I do carry weight in my upper thighs and upper arms that could go. I am an optical illusion because I am tall.

JEY100 Mon, Mar-07-22 04:26

Thanks for stopping by Key Tones! Data Driven Fasting boils down to using your CGM as a "fuel gauge". This is the CGM article, similar to the BG meter article, that convinced me to try DDF, the rest is now history:

Marty Kendall is an engineer like Ted's background but Marty will write a 5,000 word article to explain Ted's one graphic. The video with both of them is my favorite:

The Optimising Nutrition community is filled with an interesting, very international mix of data nerds and people who have just reached the end of their rope with extended fasting and the Keto or Vegan Diet. Think you would like it if you joined, the amount of free information is incredible. The DDF 101 manual is 186 pages of basically why blood glucose does what it does in every possible situation.

You can Join the private community free here: https://members.optimisingnutrition...3A0K_0b4-fRtnlS
It runs on Mighty Networks, the same used by Robb Wolf and Gin Stephens.

:lol: :lol: Know what you mean by being an optical illusion. Good when an extra 10-20 pounds doesn’t really show but I still look heavy because of my frame…no one would ever call me small boned! I have broad shoulders and long arms and legs, big thighs and upper arms. Still. Sigh.

One low fat protein likely not on your list but on DDF…..Kangaroo :lol:
Bison is a good alternate for the US. My Success Story here has some of the foods I use in the comments. Check out the Protein Flan I recently linked in comments.

I continue to use Protein Powders, and the Optimising Nutrition NutriBooster Recipes have Smoothies that provide lots of micro nutrients and protein without fat. I use Fairlife 0% in this one, it helps hit my calcium and protein target for only 135 cal.

JLx Mon, Mar-07-22 06:23

92 grams of fiber in that day's diet! I wonder how he got that. And nearly 8 grams of calcium. From dairy whey? Too much calcium gets deposited in places where we don't want it, does it not? Especially if not well balanced with magnesium, or so I have thought.

JEY100 Mon, Mar-07-22 07:13

JLx…who got 92g of fiber? I think the problem with calcium, or too much of any mineral, is when taken as a supplement. our body knows what to do with whole foods we eat. I struggle to get an optimum level (Marty's program is about finding optimal, not merely RDI levels) of calcium, magnesium and potassium without resorting to fortified foods. Even though I eat more fiber now than I did on LCHF, it still isn’t much. Think I average 20g, though my goal is supposed to be 30g.

Key Tones Mon, Mar-07-22 14:37

Hi Julia - I didn't mean to make you write up data-driven fasting. I've looked lightly at it before; I'm just not that much of an information geek. So true about Marty - I prefer to go with simple information now - basically whatever Dr. Naiman says.

The smoothie looks good. I haven't put cucumber in a smoothie before, not that I remember anyway. I made the mistake of using frozen spinach before - ugh, it tastes like grass! I haven't made smoothies for a long time. I'm more of a greek yogurt person (0% or Two Good). I'll have to think about that. My Vitamix hasn't gotten much use lately.

Have you had some mind-warping experiences with the weight loss? Since I've been out and about more since the pandemic has settled down, I am encountering situations that are so bizarre. I think my reflection in an unfamiliar store mirror looks like my mom, not me. I plop down on a hard seat and end up banging my back bone and "butt bones" because there isn't much fat covering them anymore (this one since I lost the last 30 pounds especially). I almost launched myself over the next row when I got up from a movie seat because it used to be so hard to get up after a movie when I was heavier (I use my hands and plant my feet and "launch" LOL). I get upset when someone parks too close to my car, thinking I can't get in (but I go right in). On and on. It's like my brain is never going to adjust to recognizing the change!

JLx Mon, Mar-07-22 15:34

JEY - it's a screen grab on the link you posted:

Oops, I just glanced at it and thought it was a real person's day but it's.... The Cronometer screengrab below shows the nutrients provided by 2000 calories of this recipe relative to the Optimal Nutrient Intakes.

JEY100 Tue, Mar-08-22 04:45

JLx..ah, a filling glass of Hulk greens still has only 8g fiber, 5 net carbs, 25g protein (admittedly from powder), 184 mg of calcium and a bunch of other micronutrients for only 134 calories. With low carb foods, it’s still hard for me to get fiber, so these veggie smoothies can help.

But then I have to keep fresh spinach on hand! The only dish I can use frozen is an egg/omelet type dish. Put frozen spinach and frozen color peppers in sauté pan, add 2 eggs, more egg whites and whatever protein available. Doesn’t look pretty, but a win for Prioritizing Protein at first meal of day.

The one place I do a double take…but it happens three mornings a week :) …is in front of one whole mirrored wall in our fitness center. One big room with all the Cybex equipment, and racks of free weights, and windows on three other sides. I quickly flip from "I did lose a lot of weight" to being critical of the bat wings, flabby thighs, and lack of muscle. I listen to podcasts now so the self talk doesn’t get too critical :)

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