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Nancy LC Thu, Dec-09-21 11:56

Yes, glad they're leaving facebook. I'd be off altogether except my painting groups are there. /sigh

I've had a couple of encounters with sweets since starting DDF and it has been very easy to just pick up where I left off. My BG went high, but it was far lower than expected.

JEY100 Fri, Dec-10-21 09:17

Everyone who is an Unlimited DDF member should have received an invite to join the new private social network yesterday. All of the challenges will be held there instead of Facebook (yeah!). The new class is all set up and ready to start on January 22, 2022. It is free to join the main group (others charge).

If you are not already a member, anyone can join the Optimising Nutrition group to access all the free information. If at a later time you want to join a challenge, you would sign up and pay for it within this group. If you did not receive your own link, anyone interested can use this link (may have to copy and paste):

GRB5111 Fri, Dec-10-21 11:48

Exploring the Mighty Networks platform today. I finally realized that I needed to create a new account (guess we're all new on this platform), as my current credentials weren't recognized on the new platform.

There is a huge response with many new members already. Signed up for DDF on 22 January, so I'm familiarizing myself with the environment now. Given that I've never used FB, one advantage is that I don't have to unlearn what was unique to FB. Very glad the ON/DDF folks have aligned on this, but as mentioned in a previous mail upon learning about the new platform, these things take a bit of time to fine tune the user interface and features. Early feedback from the members will help improve the user experiences, and I see that happening already on chat.

Nancy LC Mon, Dec-13-21 10:01

I haven't been tuned in much to FB or the new platform. I'm not doing a great job this time. Too much backsliding. But I feel like absolute crap, so perhaps that will inspire me to be better.

JEY100 Thu, Dec-16-21 03:46

Yesterday Marty asked what we learned, mine is that doing a half-fast job of the DDF program and experimenting with Thanksgiving celebration foods yielded no results (no surprise) but good information about my carb tolerance (have more than thought) Also, muddling through this month did not result in a weight gain. (surprise).
I spent much of day yesterday downloading the newest iOS for iPad, iPhone and Mac. Rearranging apps, chucking bookmarks, my version of electronic housekeeping, 15 apps and pages related to diet and health gathered togetherÖÖI will restart in January with a clean slate ( old name for a tablet :lol: ). :wave:

thud123 Thu, Dec-16-21 15:49

Logged into the new site and created profile - I'll be poking around there. name is U. A.

Nancy LC Fri, Dec-17-21 11:48

Hey Jey! That's fun to say.

I'm going to give the masterclass a shot. My one concern is that it looks like I might have to spend a lot of time cooking. I've kind of cut way, way back on cooking and do things like make salads from ready-to-go stuff, or eat these egg/turkey sandwiches for breakfast, or cauliflower shredded chicken bowls. Costco is amazing for all the frozen keto meals they have now.

I took up a new hobby so I now resent having to spend too much time preparing meals. :-)

Benay Fri, Dec-17-21 12:31

If only I could remember how to use my blood glucose meter

JEY100 Fri, Dec-17-21 15:00

Benay, :) Put strip into meter, tiny painless prick of finger, record number on app. Done. You could join us.

Nancy, I spend very little time cooking, which is why I am perfectly happy to get my final NO scores in the 80sÖI donít go in search of some obscure herb, sun my mushrooms, or make my own head cheese. :lol: Iím a fan of Costco tooÖthe products I can throw together and call it a protein forward meal. Iíve been buying the big oven roasted turkey breast and frozen stir-fry premium vegetables mix. I buy their frozen fish and bake all at once, and canned Wild caught salmon over salads and other veggies. 2 eggs plus the liquid Costco Egg White in cartons. Fage Total yogurt, cottage cheese and whey protein. Repeat meals donít bother me at all..I am eating all this by myself. Endive might increase my nutrient score, but if it is not at Costco, it's just not happening. I still go to Trader Joe's but fish, turkey, eggs and yogurt are the base of my lower fat meals.

Nancy LC Sun, Dec-19-21 15:36

Glad to hear it, Janet! I have found "Garden Vegetable hash" at Trader Joe's recently. A mix of cauli, onion, bell peppers, fire roasted corn, zucchini. You can throw it into an omelet or what I like is using it for a salad topper.

I'm trying the cauliflower pizza crusts too. They don't have the carbs that so many of them do. Got some pizza sauce made and mozzarella and pepperonis. Yum!

Nancy LC Mon, Dec-20-21 10:08

This challenge I didn't really try very hard. Had a horrid binge a couple weeks into it and the rest of the time after that I've been recovering. It really affected me negatively in many ways. However at the end of the challenge, my weight has approached the lowest it has been since DDF and a bad case of intestinal issues happened. So that is good. Also my control is very high at the moment, hunger and cravings minimal.

Now at Christmas and then NY Eve will upset the apple cart at least a bit, but hopefully I won't go too far off the reservation that I can't recover within a week or so.

JEY100 Wed, Dec-29-21 04:52

Iím anxious for the new Macros Masterclass to start on the 8th,
but want to do the next DDF on the 22nd as well.
Maybe Iíll leave that decision open until then, in the meantime there is a new Group within the community for "DDF Masters"Ö.."DDF Masters is an unstructured place for DDF graduates to share their learnings, challenges in a supportive community environment.
The DDF Challenges focus on guiding people through the basics. However, we acknowledge that there is always more to learn over the long term.
We want this to be a safe place where people can reach out for help or share tips to make their long term journey towards optimal sustainable."

Nancy LC Wed, Dec-29-21 14:00

I'm anxious, but not in a good way. I'm going to be time challenged until next week, so no time to research or prepare for the Macros class.

cotonpal Wed, Dec-29-21 15:09

Having participated in two six week masterclasses (macro and micro combined) I no longer feel the need to take another but I must say that those masterclasses transformed my eating and I still apply what I learned from them to everything I eat now.

Nancy LC Fri, Dec-31-21 09:52

Once again I hit a low-weight point on a feast day! LOL! I did this on Xmas and T-giving too.

At least I am in charge of dessert, so I made a no-sugar panna cotta. However, there will be fresh pears to go with it and pecan pralines. My plan is to have a tiny sprinkle of the pralines and half a pear with it. I don't want to start my New Year with all the complications I get from too much sugar.

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