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adnil53 Mon, Feb-23-15 14:55

Anyone doing THM?
I'd be interested to know if anyone here is using The Trim Healthy Mama approach to low carb?

ccotta Wed, Feb-25-15 22:29

Trim Healthy Mama?
I was just about to post the same question! Following...

adnil53 Thu, Feb-26-15 14:02

I am, so far - so good... I have done Atkins and variations of. I used the Zone for sometime too. With Atkins it worked great in the beginning but it was not sustainable for me. So I went to the Zone... even though I lost 50 pounds twice on it, I gained it back because mainly after doing Atkins, The Zone is a low fat diet! Now with THM I can switch it up. I can have a low carb, high fat meal and 3 hours later I can have a moderate carb, low fat meal if I wish. I like this not only because of the variety, but because there are lots healthy drinks that don't involve regular sugar. On THM we don't use artificial sweeteners, instead we use stevia and sugar alcohols... it works wonderfully! I get the best of both worlds.

ccotta Thu, Feb-26-15 22:21

I am interested in THM, although I am very nervous about eating the carb meals. I need to find the book and read up before I decide to try it. I have done Carbohydrate Addict's Diet which, in my mind, has similar principals. It seems to work for maintenance for me--not active losing (although I had a hard time doing it with the carefully balanced Reward Meal (veggies, protein, and a serving of one carb item).

Still, THM has major buzz, with lots of stories of it working awesome for steady, sustainable weight loss. I also use natural sweeteners like Monk Fruit, Stevia, etc., so that will be easy if I try it. I am interested to hear how you progress!

adnil53 Thu, Feb-26-15 22:51

I'm pretty new at it, but the 'S' meals only have 10 net carbs total. We eat mostly S meals, but when we are wanting more carbs or we want or feel we need more carbs, I make an E meal. If for some reason we cheat, we can get back on track in three hours. In the last week, I think we have only had two E meals,simply because I don't have them figured out real well. I have to keep my husband happy as well as myself. The E meals allows up to 45 carbs, but a 'scaled back E' meal would only be about 22 carbs (more like a zone meal). I eat them on occasion because it switches things up and helps us lose weight. My goal is to eat at least one E meal a day. I get burned out on S meals and crave some carbs. Being able to eat the carbs makes a big difference to me getting back to the fatty foods I love. Understanding the ideas and concepts are a big help and really will help with success. I went from The Zone to THM. Before The Zone I did Atkins. I too tried Carbohydrate Addict's Diet and I don't think it has the same principles at all. Get the book! :) Also you could read up on it more on facebook and there is a forum. Google it. Good luck!

You can follow along in my journal if you like... :)

ccotta Sat, Feb-28-15 00:23

Sounds good. I will read up and follow your journal! Hope it works!

KinaK Sat, Mar-14-20 05:04

Is there anyone still following this plan?

Mayflowers Sat, Mar-21-20 06:55

I tried it. I couldn't lose on it. I stay with low carb/keto. I feel the best. I'm also dairy free.

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