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Twinkle Sun, Sep-22-02 10:30

Homemade Flaxmeal Cereal review....
I tried the following recipe for breakfast this morning. My opinion of it follows.

Flaxmeal Cereal (by Linda S)

1/4/ cup flaxseed meal
1/2 cup water

Mix the flaxseed meal and water in a bowl and microwave for 1-1/2 minutes.

Then I put a nice chunk of butter, a little half and half, a little Atkins pancake syrup, a sprinkle of cinnamon and 2 tablespoons of sliced almonds.

The taste was great. The texture, however, reminds me of eating boiled okra. Does anyone have any suggestions for changing the texture to something that more resembles a cooked cereal?

I'm thinking of trying it on the stove next time to see if that changes it. Has anyone tried a cooked flaxmeal cereal like that? I don't want to buy Flax-O-Meal. I would rather make my own both for convenience and price savings.

Iowagirl Mon, Nov-11-02 14:25

I've had something similar except the recipe called for textured vegetable protein. I found that at a local health food store, under TVP. Looks like a bunch of small gravel. Good luck!

Karen Mon, Nov-11-02 14:37

I'm thinking of trying it on the stove next time to see if that changes it.

That will just make it worse Twinkle. The sticky property is part of the benefit and the curse of using flax. You can cut it with bran - wheat, oat or rice or TVP as suggested by Iowagirl -and the sticky-ness will diminish but will always be present.


katiesmom Tue, Nov-26-02 10:58

hot cereal
I use a mixture of flaxseed meal, wheat bran, soy protein powder,a sprinkle of quick cooking oats and tvp. I also add a little maple extract, and sweeten it with sf maple syrup and add cream. Very tasty.

shutt22 Fri, Nov-29-02 15:44

Mixing flax meal w/ oat bran?
Ive been thinking about mixing 2 tbsp of oat bran with 2 tbsp of flax meal, adding 2/3 cup water, spenda, cinnamon, and maybe cream, but I have a couple of concerns:

How many carbs in 100% oat bran (excluding fiber)?

Should I add the flaxmeal after I microwave? I hear if you "cooK" flax at too high of a temp, it loses its EFA properties.

I've been just taking my flaxmeal with a glass of water, but its hard to get down.



Karen Fri, Nov-29-02 18:52

I mix flaxmeal with yogurt. It's quite tasty.

The carb count for oat bran is in the carb counter under Low-Carb Tools at the top of the page.


penelope Fri, Nov-29-02 20:38

I use 2tbs flax meal, two tbs. wheat bran mix it ,add very hot

water ,maple flavoring ,Brown SugarTwin, cream.

By stirring the first two ingredients dry it is not as sticky.

I found that when I stir it vigorously after the hot water it gets gummy


shutt22 Sat, Nov-30-02 08:10


Well I don't know about the wheat bran, but I called the manufacturer of the oat bran (Robin Hood Foods), and was informed that there are 3.25 carbs per serving, with 0.0125 grams of nat. occuring sugars, and 0.8 grams of fiber, for a total of about 2.5 Eff. grams per tbsp - not bad.

Karen, isn't the yogurt carby...I've always stayed away from it for this reson (although I love it).

thanks again.


Karen Sat, Nov-30-02 11:14

Here's a link - and there's a link within the thread - to a discussion on yogurt.


shutt22 Sun, Dec-01-02 09:50

Well, I guess I'll pick up some yogurt today then...very interesting.

I tried the oat bran today and it is great. Just a touch of splenda and some flax meal. Hopefully, this is not too much fibre (if you know what I mean).


LadyBelle Sun, Mar-14-04 12:21

I use 2 tbsp flaxseeds, 2 tbsp wheat bran, and 1 scoop designer whey. Then I'll add in cinnimon and maybe some sweetner. I add enough water to get it wet, and cook in microwave for about 1 min. AFter it's done I add more liquid like half and half, to get it to a smooth consistancy. I've also used chocolate protien powder and peanut butter, or eggs to make a bread like dish. Fruit mixed in before cooking is also good.

bluesinger Fri, Oct-16-15 08:37

Hot Cereal almost like oatmeal
Spectrum Organic Ground Chia Seed ~ 2 tbls = 5gm carb, 4gm fiber, 2gm protein
Nature's Eats Blanched Almond Flour ~ 4 tbls = 5gm carb, 3 gm fiber, 6gm protein

I use a tablespoon to measure for my cereal. 2x flour to 1x flax.
Add water and stir. Microwave 1 minute. Take out and stir. It was very gummy. I added HWC, AS and salted butter. Microwaved another minute or two.

The taste is very much like I remember oatmeal tasting. The texture is a little bit firmer as the almond flour doesn't break down very much.

It was very acceptable to me and tasted good.

Robin120 Fri, Oct-16-15 10:52

I like a mix of flax, chia, almond flour and/or coconut flour
sea salt plus some mix of: splenda, cinnamon, cocoa powder, sf jam, berries, flavor extracts like vanilla or raspberry, etc....... :thup:

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