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deirdra Sat, Nov-24-18 20:59

Can't edit or add a new recipe
When I click on "new recipe" I get: "JpGraph Error: This PHP installation is not configured with the GD library. Please recompile PHP with GD support to run JpGraph. (Neither function imagetypes() nor imagecreatefromstring() does exist)"

Rosebud Sat, Nov-24-18 23:25

Sorry Deirdre, this is part of our current forum problems.

See this thread:
Doreen brings us up to date in post #4.

Mintaka Thu, Nov-29-18 00:44

Hello, I changed my password, then my weight chart seems to have disappeared. The weight data is still there, but when I changed my email, I had to change my password.
It seemed to work fine until password/email change.

Oh! I added a weight and the chart came back, so I donít have a problem now.


barb712 Fri, Jan-25-19 07:04

Hi there. In the My P.L.A.N. weight loss chart section, the graph is set to begin at November 2000 - 17 years before I started tracking. As a result, there is one long upward trend line and the more current lines and headings are all smashed together. It's unreadable.

Is there a way to reset the graph so that it begins in April 2017?

Thank you.

Benay Wed, Jun-19-19 09:02

I am trying to enter a recipe for Hollandaise sauce based upon the instructions from the Knorr package. I can't figure out how to do it
The recipe calls for 1 packet, 1 C milk or cream or water, 1/4 stick of butter

First of all I can't figure out how to translate the Knorr packet to your food list or recipe instructions.

Packet contents say serving size is 1 tsp (2.5 gm) of the dry which makes up into 2 TBS of the final sauce. 10 servings in a packet.

Nutrients in the packet per 2.5 gm is 10 calories based on 2 grams of carbohydrate.

How do I enter this?

Nowhere does a serving size indicate I can use tablespoons or teaspoons - all are in grams.

Can you help?

Benay Thu, Jun-20-19 08:12

When I looked up cream in the food list, I saw cream, heavy, whipped as well as cream, light, whipped.

How do I enter cream that is not whipped?

Benay Fri, Jun-21-19 07:01

This morning after I entered my weight and saved it, it does not appear on my weight chart. How come?
It appeared yesterday and the day before.

deirdra Fri, Aug-30-19 12:16

I've used MyPlan to make lots of recipes, but today, for 12 servings, it is dividing some ingredients by 12 but not others. I've tried editing the recipe and re-making it with a new name, but this keeps happening, so the serving totals are completely botched.

JennBuck Sat, Jan-20-24 17:34

For some reason, since my Jan 3rd update of my weight chart, any updates I make to note my progress/ weight changes, is not showing in my stats in the Journal. It's stuck at the update made on Jan 3 and has not updated the changes since then. Can someone help?

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