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doglover Wed, Sep-18-02 14:54

Excellent tips! Just what I needed! I have printed them off and will keep these with me.


SusanKH Fri, Sep-20-02 10:28

Excuse me for jumping in on an old, yet timely, thread. I am a diabetic. So is my husband. I've been diagnosed for 8 years, he for 4. Saying you're diabetic is fine, because even diabetics have different needs. My husband and I are both Type II, and even take the same medication, yet some things affect one or the other of us more than the other one. My college roommate is a Type I diabetic and her needs are completely different from mine.

Oh, and by the way, those of us doing the LC way, who are diabetic, are not following the American Diabetes Association Guidelines. They allow a lot more carbs and a lot less fat.

Hope I don't sound mean - just trying to convey information.

JerseyDon Fri, Sep-20-02 11:22


You're my hero.


Way to go dude!

:clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap:

jude Fri, Sep-20-02 12:11

This is just the inspiration I needed today (plus several practical tips that will definitely come in handy). I notice Bill's last post was November 10, 2001. I wonder how he's doing now.


suze_c Fri, Sep-20-02 19:13

Those Tips are great for All
I have been browsing since I have started this forum, as time and the :baby: allow... I posted a thread asking for ppl to share what they thought helped them the most... the ones who did answer... it was great to read them, but I think it is going to be browsing and LOTS of reading, that will be my best bet for tips. There are lots of posts like this one, that are old, and I also have to wonder how the person is doing now.I wish all who are on this forum well~ and happy LC'ing :wave:

tchapman Wed, Mar-19-03 12:44

Thanks for your tips. I am on my third week. I feel great and have lost 10 pounds. I miss having a couple of beers the most. Oh well, small price to pay.

I am planning to visit my brother and his family in early April. He owns a wonderful resturaunt and he is an excellent Chef. I know he wants to loose weight but I am going to wait to see if he noticies anything with my appearance and attitude. Mr bro has always weighed 30-40% more than I do and we are the same hight. This should be interesting-he'll probably offer me beer and blackened potatoes for a snack...


red1cutie Fri, May-30-03 15:21

Thanks so much Bill for taking the time to share all this vital information. I wish I had read this when I started but I am grateful I found it now. GBU!


simplelife Mon, Jun-09-03 20:14

question on carb limits
:q: I am just starting out in the low carb world, and here's my question: I am not interested in losing a lot of weight FAST, but just steadily and consistently... Has anyone STARTED OUT on the lowest level of Atkins for Life (45 ACE) instead of 20 carbs? I remember trying 20 carbs per day previously, and found it pretty hard to stick with. I really have a mindset that this is for life (like "Genesis" said), and would rather lose slowly & steadily. Will I have MUCH better results doing Induction first? Or PP, or PP For Life--any comments? THANKS FOR YOUR INPUT! I need all the help I can get. This site is great...... :wave:

ahhaba Sat, Jun-21-03 02:17

Thankyou so much Bill
I've been having trouble re-starting my lc WOL. I'm back to my starting weight + and keep on sabotaging a clean start by pigging out on scones and pizza which results in bloated fingers and feet (the only 2 parts of my bod I can see!) and such fatigue and tiredness, it has to be seen to be believed.

By reading your tips and having them to hand I can now start easing myself in slowly. They've given me renewed energy to really start as I mean to go on.

Karen, thanks for the tip of copying and pasting rather then printing and forgetting. I've just created a new file to do the very same.

Thank you all for all your helpful and inspiring posts.


toria Wed, Jun-25-03 13:58

Thanks for the advise it is kinda what I needed to hear today.

lissame Tue, Jul-22-03 22:13

Thank you Bill!

Linda Love Thu, Jul-24-03 07:41

You woke me up literally this morning. I was looking for motivation and found it here! Wonderful advise.

mhalla Thu, Aug-07-03 10:12

thanks, Karen! I am just beginning this WOL/WOE and your post was incredibly informative! Thanks!!

(I'm a newbie)

Ruralgurl Sat, Jan-17-04 16:15

Great Tips
Bumped this up because it has some great tips. I just wonder where Bill is now?????

Heidi30060 Tue, Sep-28-04 14:50

Bill thank you so much for that :) I am going to read those and use those tips over and over and over


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