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tamarian Sun, May-15-05 08:13

MyPLAN recipes
This forum will contain announcements of newly published, reviewd and approved recipes posted by our members in the MyPLAN system. Announcements will contain the recipe links, so you can add them to your favourites if you wish, and keep you updated with all the new recipes.

Further details on how to submit and approve recipes will be coming shortly.


jazzfan Mon, Feb-27-06 10:39

Did anything ever happen with this? I've just started using MyPLAN and I really love it. I've put together a few of my standard recipes and would like to share, plus would like to see what else is out there. Thanks!

vegaskelly Sun, Mar-05-06 14:07

I'd be interested to know if this gets off the ground as would make life a lot easier with using the My P.L.A.N. system.

vegaskelly Mon, Mar-20-06 21:18

So is this how we post to a recipe so others can add it to their faves?

Adapted Lasagna
Just testing to see if this works...

jazzfan Tue, Mar-21-06 00:12

Ohmigosh, it worked! How'd you do that?

vegaskelly Tue, Mar-21-06 19:52

When you create a recipe it makes an id number for it. When you get to the stage that the link shows you above just copy and paste the url into the post and poof that should work. :-D
yay!!! I'm off to work on more recipes!

tamarian Tue, Mar-21-06 21:05

Yes, that's the gist of it :) But it will be made a lot easier, hopefully soon, where the tools for sharing recipes and searching for them will be made available. Not all recipes will be "usable" though, as some may be bogus, or using custom ingredients with nutritional data that don't add up properly.


sphinxy Fri, Jun-16-06 16:54

So...myplan is sort of like fitday? Will it be private or is it public? Very cool to have everything all in one place, thanks for creating this.

tamarian Fri, Jun-16-06 17:12

Yes, sort of like fitday. You can set it to be private, semi-private or public, you a choice in the settings page.


mrking Wed, Apr-25-07 20:12

Almost a year later, has anything come of this. It sounds interesting.

Chillygatr Sun, Jul-12-09 12:58

Ok, It's 3 years and I'm going to try it. This is my favorite sweet treat that I can bring to work easily. I call it "Fluff". It's adapted from one I got off this site about 4 years ago.


drbrat423 Sun, Jan-24-10 16:48

Wow! That sounds yummy! I might have to try it this week! :agree:

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