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Sona Mon, Feb-23-04 12:25

Not allowed to create journal
Hi to the forum moderator!

I've just tried to create a journal for myself using the guidelines presented in "How to Start a Journal." When I clicked on "New Thread" under the "S" sub-section (for Sona), it sent me this message:

Sorry! This forum is not accepting new threads. Possible reasons, New threads maybe restricted in the journal area at one journal per member. If you have already started a journal, use "Post Reply" instead of "New Thread."

Any ideas? I haven't started a journal yet, so it can't be that.

Thanks for your help!

Best, Sona

tamarian Mon, Feb-23-04 12:39

Hi Sona,

Try it again. It appears you have previously posted a journal in error, and was moved to intros, which updated your profile with that thread as a journal.

You can now create a journal.


Sona Mon, Feb-23-04 18:18

Thank you!
Thanks, Tamarian--it works beautifully now.

Best, Sona

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