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Jeep#17 Mon, Mar-15-21 06:48

Morning :daizy:

Mojo..... congrats on the loss thatís awesome Iím still bouncing around but not as high as I was.

That cooker sounds be able to cook frozen ground beef I would love that! So many times I forget to take meat out of the freezer. Iíll look it up maybe I can find something similar. Anything that can cook frozen meat without it becoming tuff I would buy.

RM today will be a salad or soup not sure right now and chicken tenders w/ blue Iím hungry already lol :yum:

Later :rheart:

mojolissa Mon, Mar-15-21 20:13

Hey Jeep :)

Had a late night eating session last night...oh no :o:

Back up 2 lbs, so tonight I'm being diligent and avoiding food after 4pm.

This happens alot to me. I'm good for a day or two but then I get extremely hungry at night. Then the weight loss comes right back. BUMMER!

They don't make my cooker anymore! I've looked and looked.
Let me know if you find one :)

TTYL :rheart:

Jeep#17 Tue, Mar-16-21 04:31

Morning Mojo :daizy:

Weight stayed the same this morning. I enjoyed my RM yesterday and Iím making a roast w/ potatoes and gravy and broccoli soup for RM today.

I hear ya with the weight up and down, Iím really being strict this week I need to lose not just stay the same. Summer is coming lol
I have my cut off time of 6 pm for RM.....I had breakfast yesterday at 8:30 and have only been fasting off and on.....are you still wanting to do OMAD?

Later :rheart:

mojolissa Tue, Mar-16-21 10:47

Hey Jeep :wave:

Yes, still doing OMAD, cutoff yesterday was 4pm and I was back (2 lbs) down again. Currently 230 which is 1 lb lower than I started in December. So in three months I've lost one pound....ho hum. How much have you lost so far?

I'm starting some weight training though. Just lifting 20 lbs on my arms and legs in the afternoon (before eating). Building up to a higher weight, this old lady needs to build some muscles. :lol:

TTYL :rheart:

Jeep#17 Tue, Mar-16-21 12:39


Congratulations on the OMAD, it seems to work for you. I can do one day but thatís it. Iím just to hungry the next day to do it again.

Iím down one pound also since I started in 20# weights😳 you go girl!!

I was hoping for a loss today but didnít get it. I donít know how much better I can be really.


Jeep#17 Wed, Mar-17-21 04:53

Morning :daizy:

Down 2 pounds this morning! I canít believe it but I have been strict following the 1 hour rule and especially not going overboard on carbs Saturday & Sunday. I thought it would go down yesterday and when it didnít I was disappointed but stuck to it.

I did fast till 11am yesterday and if I can make it till at least 11 every day Iíll be happy with that.

RM- cauliflower soup, cheeseburger w/ fries....if I can keep this 2 pounds off till next week and lose 1 pound a week will be great.

Mojo....hope your OMAD is going good for you, lifting will put on pounds but get rid of fat! That is what we need....I still canít believe you lift 20 lbs. Iíd be lucky to lift 5 probably lost more but with the lifting it didnít show up on the scale.

Later :rheart:

mojolissa Wed, Mar-17-21 09:53

Hey Jeep :wave:

Down another pound today.... :yay: I'm sticking to my plan!

I'm glad you're doing so well too! Good job on the fasting, the longer you can go, the better for you.

Yes the weight lifting is going well. I'm not doing free weights, its on equipment. So more like 10lbs, cuz you use both legs and both arms to move the weights. But thanks....

TTYL :rheart:

Jeep#17 Thu, Mar-18-21 05:53

Hi Mojo :wave:

Yes keep with your plan!!! Your doing awesome :hyper:
Ok I see what your doing with the weights, thatís really good. I think lifting is the best exercise combined with walking.

Up .4 today but I donít worry about it, just glad to be losing again.

RM- Chicken tenders w/ potato salad & cauliflower soup :yum:

Sitting here drinking my coffee watching GMF and all the deals that are going down in FA. Hoping we get a TE somehow.

Talk Soon :rheart:

mojolissa Thu, Mar-18-21 10:14

Hey Jeep :wave:

Back up one lb this morning as well.....still OMAD but I am weight lifting, that could be why.

Sticking to the cutoff of 4pm. Daughter offered me fast food, but I declined. :yay:

TTYL :rheart:

mojolissa Thu, Mar-18-21 10:15

Originally Posted by Jeep#17
Sitting here drinking my coffee watching GMF and all the deals that are going down in FA. Hoping we get a TE somehow.

Huh? Not sure what GMF - FA - TE - means

Jeep#17 Thu, Mar-18-21 10:34

Originally Posted by mojolissa
Huh? Not sure what GMF - FA - TE - means

Good Morning Football- Free Agency- Tight End
Sorry Iím really into Football I should have explained :)

Good on declining the food itís hard especially if your hungry. DH eats at night all the time and itís not easy. What helps is I brush my teeth after dinner and floss I donít want to do that again!!

Jeep#17 Fri, Mar-19-21 04:04

Morning :daizy:

Down another pound! I did start eating early yesterday around 8:30 I was sooo hungry I just couldnít fast till my 11am time. Today Iím going to see if I can go till noon.

I didnít plan my RM today so Iíll just go with what sounds good.....Usually I plan what Iím eating so I can look forward to it.

Have a great day :rheart:

mojolissa Fri, Mar-19-21 09:45

Hey Jeep :wave:

So weight is staying the same....:roll:
Had a taco bell yesterday, not good weight loss food, but I did work out with weights again. Still OMAD cut off at 4pm.

I hear ya on the DH. Mine eats anytime, anywhere, anything and doesn't have a weight problem like me. He does have high blood pressure tho.

Not sure what to make for dinner tonite- maybe beef stroganoff.

Jeep#17 Mon, Mar-22-21 04:17

Morning :daizy:

Hi Mojo.....up 2 pounds over the weekend, I always gain on Mondays. Oh well Nothing new Iíll keep trying and hope to lose it this week. I wasnít very active this weekend despite the nice weather.

I have an order of groceries coming this morning 8-9 then at 9:30 dentist cleaning appointment yuck 🤮........then beautiful weather today so I will probably take a walk and work in the yard.

I hate changing my weight numbers up ⬆️ but have to keep it real :thup:

Later :rheart:

mojolissa Mon, Mar-22-21 10:47

Hey Jeep :)

Sounds like you have a nice day planned. My weight went back up over the weekend too. UGH- I think I may have a problem with dairy.

Having ham n bean soup- from the freezer. Weather here is nice too. Went for a bike ride with hubby yesterday. A little windy, but otherwise really beautiful. Where do you live? I'm in Michigan- the middle of the state.

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