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pamhouse1 Tue, Sep-30-03 09:11

quick and easy sweet treat, using syrup
I tried this last night as a sweet snack . IT is very easy and quick. Just get the canned reddi-wip whipped cream and squirt a small mound in a bowl, your choice on how much to use.( but dont go crazy and fill the whole bowl) . And then I used the atkins syrup and put maybe a tablespoon on top of the whipped cream. This makes an incredbly sweet and tasty treat.

Reddi-wip- less than 1 carb per 2 tbsp.
atkins syrup -0 carbs and 0 calories.

If anyone has other recipe ideas that uses the syrup as a sweetner let me know, I really enjoy the flavor and of course the carb count.


Michael_R Thu, Oct-09-03 18:03

You can actually make great tasting whipped cream with the syrup as flavoring and sweetener, and heavy cream. For stability you may wish to add a touch of xanthan gum. Try divinci syrups as well, they have a ton of SF flavors.

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