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Azure Fri, Oct-25-02 10:20

Well, I'm having this again tonight. Need something quick 'cause we're gonna go see Wynonna in concert tonight. I LOVE this dish. :)

HLFAN Sat, Oct-26-02 18:20

Thank you
Thanks so much for this recipe. I made it with the peperoni crust, very crispy, I used super hot spicy peperoni. I liked it much better than regular pizza!!

Outstanding,thanks, nancy :hyper:

JayDee Sat, Oct-26-02 18:52

Awesome Recipe!!!!!
Just made your Deep Dish Pizza Quiche and my son (a bodybuilder) and I really enjoyed it. It comes as close to pizza as anything I have found for this diet yet. This will definitely become a regular meal for me. Thanks for posting it! :)

carlakapla Sun, Oct-27-02 13:44

Finally got around to trying out this recipe. Absolutely wonderful, Donald!!!!! Thank you so, so much!!!!!!

alibubble Mon, Oct-28-02 05:20

Thanks Don for a super recipe.
My kids love making this one and the result tastes great.

wantolose Mon, Oct-28-02 11:49

I just got back from vacationing in Vegas - lost another 2 pounds - partly because of your wonderful recipe - my friend (also a LC'r)and I made this dish with a pepperoni crust - even the kids ate it!
We also had cheesecake for desert!
We ate shrimp and fried fish with crushed pork rinds for breading - it was wonderful being on vacation and not feeling like I couldn't be normal - I was totally normal!
Thanks again - have a great week! :D

Iowagirl Mon, Nov-04-02 12:55

Yum! Planning a potluck at work in a few weeks and this will be what I bring. If my co-workers are lucky, I just might share! :D

Azure Mon, Nov-04-02 13:17

This is dinner again tonight. :)

AlluraD Wed, Nov-06-02 10:34

One of the things I miss!!!
This was delicious!! Thanks for sharing~

nkd2662 Thu, Nov-07-02 10:31

I made this the othe day and it was a total hit with my family! They don't even LC and they loved it as did I. I too made it with a peperoni crust. Totally awesome!



alan Tue, Nov-12-02 16:18


From all the positive replies you received I am certain this must be a tasty dish.

I have a question. When following the recipe do you end up with a quiche that you can slice and pick up like a pizza or is this a knife and fork dish.?


Iowagirl Tue, Nov-12-02 16:27

VERY tasty dish! When I baked it it was like a casserole. Made 6 nice sized squares that I have also frozen. Heat or eat cold - it is wonderful!

carlakapla Wed, Nov-13-02 10:38

<< I have a question. When following the recipe do you end up with a quiche that you can slice and pick up like a pizza or is this a knife and fork dish.?

Al >>

No knife and fork for me, Al!!! Just like eating take-out pizza. (I do slightly overcook the base, as was mentioned in a couple earlier posts, 'cuz it gives the 'crust' a little more chew, which I like, but even if you don't I still think this would be an 'eat with your hands' dish. Nothing to stop you from using a knife and fork, though.)

DWRolfe Wed, Nov-13-02 16:17

Knife & fork or not...
I eat mine with a knife and fork...

...but I also like it cold (I always liked cold pizza) and in that case I just pick it up!

It's a winner, for sure.


Donald :wave:

Marie_D Sat, Nov-16-02 06:22

Add another member to your Fan Club
We tried this for the first time today and LOVED it! I was really ready for a change from plain meats. I'm sure this is not the last time we make it.

blossom Sun, Nov-17-02 11:04

Pizza Quiche Question
Hi I really want to try your recipe but... I cant tolerate spicey foods... how spicey do you consider this recipe? Any and all opinions are most appreciated :help:

Iowagirl Sun, Nov-17-02 12:35

Not at all! I am a total weenie when it comes to hot food and I had no problem with this. It's really as spicey as you want to make it. Season as you would any Italian dish. Start cooking!

blossom Sun, Nov-17-02 20:24

I wanted to try it so bad that I didnt wait to find out what others thought... I made it anyways... was willing to withstand the spices if I needed too :) And it was yummy.... even my kids liked it!! That is a definite plus!
I think I didnt cook the 'crust' long enough because mine wasnt stiff enough to pick up... mental note for next time.

tigersue Tue, Nov-19-02 21:16

I made this last night for dinner and it was a hit, my husband didn't even recognize it as a quiche, until after when he saw the recipe. He is not one of those men that will not eat quiche. :)
I added an extra egg because my eggs were on the small size and it didn't not seem to hurt. Thanks so much.

ginkirk Wed, Dec-04-02 15:58

Adding my AWESOME vote to the masses. Thanks for a great recipe. My husband actually said "it's better than I expected," which is actually a compliment. I loved it & will make it again & again. Thanks for sharing. Once again this board is the most useful site on the internet.


mnokat Wed, Dec-04-02 16:05

I just remembered
How much I liked this! I may have to make this this week!



PoofieD Sun, Dec-08-02 17:39

and Marlei says..
This is SOOO good mom!
It was the first time I made it.. yummy!

Tams531 Sun, Dec-29-02 12:51

I made it today! I am so amazed at how yummy this is! Just like pizza!!

I highly recommend everyone give a try~

Tams531 Sun, Dec-29-02 12:57

I made it today! I am so amazed at how yummy this is! Just like pizza!!

I highly recommend everyone give a try~

UAGirl Sun, Jan-12-03 10:46

quiche?? quiche??

I made this last night and my fiancee says "WE CAN'T HAVE PIZZA!!" I said it is "deep dish pizza quiche, we can have it"

I have to tell you, I made this in hope that it would be good. IT WAS GREAT!! It smelled like pizza cooking and it was yummy. I used Contadina tomato sauce, it is lo in carbs, and did not add any spices except a little oregano.

This went over WELL in my house and I will continue to use this recipe!! Thank you so much for this idea!! It was a treat!!

Flintstone Sun, Jan-12-03 12:06

I'll get in line behind the other 100s who are WILD about this recipe for Deep Dish Pizza!!!

I'm trying the lazagna version tonight...but has anyone thought about trying the crust recipe for a tortilla or wrap? Just a thought that I may try?

Thanks again Donald!


Jeepers Wed, Jan-15-03 04:56

Thank you!
I can't wait to tell my husband about this, we will be starting our 4th day of induction today....and not one day has went by with out my hubby saying "i miss pizza" in some form or another. He will be so jazzed.

We'll have to pick up a good movie...and make friday night--Pizza Night!

thanks again!

Yaberhoo Sun, Jan-19-03 18:44

I FINALLY tried this recipe yesterday and, holy cow, this is the best low carb recipe I have tried to date! My compliments to Donald on a fabulous dish!!! :cheer:

My dad and I have been doing LC since July 2002 and this is by far the best recipe we have come across since we began. Dad is extremely picky and was totally floored by it. :daze: He claimed it to be better than any delivery pizza (extremely high praise from him). This will definately be one of our regulars!

Thanks Donald!!!!

rubyg64 Sun, Jan-19-03 20:36

Thank You Thank You Thank You!!!!!!!!!
Donald I would give you a BIG hug if I saw you! This pizza has been a staple of my eating since I made it Friday. Breakfast , lunch, dinner even a snack. I am having a "problem" wanting to eat anything else. :daze: but loving every bite!

Mine came out to 2.3 carbs per and it made 15 servings. WOW you can't beat it. Add a salad and I'm set.

Thanks for such a GREAT recipe. :D

Lsa :wave:

tonytiger Thu, Jan-23-03 14:25

It tastes wonderful! OMG!!!

Thanks for posting this recipe.

I did not follow it exactly as you posted, I altered practically everything but ended with such a yummy recipe!!

I used ground turkey meat, I mixed it with gouda cheese and put it into a pan, then I covered it with pasta sauce (of course I checked the carb contents), more gouda cheese, salami slices, ham and sausage.

The result?

The yummiest dish I have ever tasted!

No need for pizza, this is better!!

It took me 15 mins to make it, 45 to bake it and wonder how much to take it.


Everybody should try this and after that, you wont see low carb as a "diet"

Antonio :thup:

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