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kish Thu, May-08-03 13:44

I made this the other day and it was excellent. My co-worker making some tonight and shes not on Atkins. I'm making it again tonight! :thup: It's a keeper!


kish Thu, May-08-03 13:44

I made this the other day and it was excellent. My co-worker making some tonight and shes not on Atkins. I'm making it again tonight! :thup: It's a keeper!


Wolfiesask Thu, May-08-03 20:33

I'm speechless!
:thup: It was incredible!!!!!! It was so good I could've eaten the whole pan (but I didn't)! Leftovers for brekkie tomorrow for sure....maybe supper too! WOW! :thup:

I can't believe I can still have makes life worth living! (just a slight exaggeration)

Nicole :wave:

DWRolfe Tue, May-27-03 19:14

I made this for company this weekend and it was a hit with all. I made 2 "crusts" and let people mix 'n match their toppings. Everyone had a hand it the prep and enjoyed the outcome. And yes, it was also good for the cold pizza for breakfast crowd.

Donald :wave:

nana Fri, May-30-03 15:40

Wow what a recipe! I made this for my family and everyone liked it, including my picky autistic grandson who only eats certain foods. This was a hit all around. Thank you, Thank you for a great meal. :yum:


caverjen Sat, May-31-03 17:29

husband's favorite
DH likes me to make this about once a week. He is thrilled we can still have pizza while eating low carb. I also made it for his parents, and they like it so much they came back for thirds (very unusual for them). I make a pepperoni version for the kids. For us grown-ups I spread pesto sauce or olive tapenade over the crust, then top it with thinly sliced tomatoes, mushrooms, spinach and feta cheese. Thanks so much for a wonderful recipe and a great break from meat and veggies!


PJ in Miam Sat, May-31-03 17:46

Donald I just wanted to say thanks for posting this recipe. It's unbelievable. I made a batch as an experiment (using pepperoni at the bottom of a 9x13) and loved it like crazy.

So, wanting something to freeze, I made a triple batch, but because I added stuff to the eggy mixture it became a quadruple batch. So, still using pepperoni at bottom, I made it in a muffin pan, in a mini-loaf pan, and in a texas muffin pan, and in a pie pan, as well. (I wanted diff amounts of carb/protein I could choose depending on how my day was going.)

I like it best with diced veggies and shrooms mixed inside the eggy mixture as to me, it makes it a little more solid and less just-eggy.

On the last (pie pan) batch, I put lots of jalapenos and red pepper flakes in it and on it, and fried some (already-cooked) chicken in pepperoni oil for the top, along with cilantro, for a spicy southwest version.

On one batch, I forgot the tomato/italian sauce until later and ended up drizzling it over the toppings. Came out great anyway!

On the last batch, I forgot the tomato sauce altogether, and used jack cheese instead of mozz (and lots of it), and I was about to despair being such an airhead, but it still tastes SO awesome!

I can't boil eggs without messing it up in some way. This is obviously a recipe that just can't be killed!

Other than this sneaking neurosis that the taste alone could throw me out of Ketosis -- how can anything that helps you lose weight taste so good?! -- I'm enjoying this like crazy.

My nearly-7 year old also thinks it's awesome, and I keep some in the fridge she can microwave if she gets the munchies for something other than all her fruits.

The only problem I'm having is NOT eating it three times a day.


PJ in Miam Sat, May-31-03 17:53

Oh! I forgot to mention that I have added some grated (food processor) cauliflower to the later batches. I can't taste it at all, and it seems to add a tad bit more solidity/bulk to the eggy mixture, and soaks up a tad bit of the wetness. (The recipe's perfect as is, but everytime I make it I try something different!)


DarkLotus Sun, Jun-01-03 15:46

Donald, I wanted to thank you for that wonderful recipe! It was the absolute best egg dish I have ever had. And I HATE eggs! :D
My whole family loved it. I gave some to my dad who's going to be starting Atkins soon, to show him what he has to look forward to. I used Mario Batali's jarred sauce, ground turkey, peppers, and scallions, and omitted the cheese on the bottom.

hometeachr Wed, Jun-04-03 14:05

Huge Cyber hug to Donald
:daze: I cannot believe how good that pizza is! I sent toe recipe to my Mom who is just starting too. I have been on Atkins only 2 1/2 weeks and all of these wonderful recipes everyone posts have been helping me through-now this pizza recipe--I am now positive I can make this LC a WOL. THANK YOU Donald. I pray that God sends you great blessings because your recipe is a great blessing to me.

rishamoon Thu, Jun-05-03 17:20

I'm SO Excited!!!
I've got the DDQP cooking away in the oven and it smells great! Myself and my 3 year old are anxiously awaiting the first bite. She "helped" with the toppings, so I think she might even be more excited than *I* am...

*doing a happy dance*

I will be back later with the results.

rishamoon Fri, Jun-06-03 17:43

That was WONDERFUL, and my 3 year old loved it... there was only one piece left to stick in the fridge last night... and I just ate it cold... it is even better cold... it is JUST like cold pizza... I'm in heaven!

:thup: :thup: :thup: :thup: :thup:

catspaws Sat, Jun-07-03 21:52

Donald, This is simply the best LC recipe I've ever seen or tried--simply incredible! :daze: Thanks for sharing!

Do you have any other fantastic recipes you'd like to share with us? Let's face it, if you're capable of creating a recipe as amazing as this one, it can't possibly be the only one up your sleeve. Spill the beans! :)

Thank you again--you have changed my LC-ing life for the better (by far!) as of today.

Barbara :wave:

jerppt Sun, Jun-08-03 13:08

I was skeptical to try this because of an egg mix with pizza stuff but OH MY GOSH!!! I don't think I will ever want to go back to regular pizza -This was AWESOME!!!! :yum: :yum: :yum:

One question-
How many pieces do you divide it into in the 9 x 13 pan and were the totals you gave on the 1st page for the whole pizza or say a 2 by 2 inch slice???

THanks again -- !! and by the way congrats on your GREAT weightloss so far-you are inspiring me alot!!!

DWRolfe Mon, Jun-09-03 10:20

Originally posted by jerppt
One question-
How many pieces do you divide it into in the 9 x 13 pan and were the totals you gave on the 1st page for the whole pizza or say a 2 by 2 inch slice???

I think the counts are based on cutting the 13 x 9'er into 6 pieces, which is what I ordinarilly do. However, if I'm going to have this for dinner rather than lunch, I'll sometimes cut it into 4 larger pieces.

And of course, those counts will always vary, depending on your toppings.


Donald :wave:

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