View Full Version : Coconut milk, how long does it last?

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Wed, Oct-13-10, 13:06
I only see coconut milk supplied in tins, usually large tins, I sometimes need to open the tin and use a small amount to thicken an soup or something. So if I leave the rest in the fridge, does anyone know how long will it last?

Wed, Oct-13-10, 13:58
Once the can is opened coconut milk is perishable - think cow milk in terms of time. Better to freeze leftovers. And I would not store it in the can!

Wed, Oct-13-10, 14:38
no I wouldn't store in in a can of course, I'd put it in a different container, but really? same age as regular milk?

Wed, Oct-13-10, 14:41
OK, I looked other refrences and you are right about it keeping only for a couple of days.

Freezing is a good option, thanks for the info.

Wed, Oct-13-10, 14:43
Does it say anything on the can?

I've read that coconut milk has an 18-24 month shelf life unopened, and once opened and refrigerated 3-4 days max. But it does freeze well.

Wed, Oct-13-10, 14:45
have you considered trying other thickening agents? Like sour cream or xantham gum?

Wed, Oct-13-10, 14:51
Pink thanks, but that was for a specific Thai soup recipe that needed a bit of coconut milk added to it, so wasn't sure what to do with the rest. So its not a specific thickening agent that am looking for.

Wed, Oct-13-10, 16:02
Where do you get a large can of it?? I've only seen the 13 oz cans!

I've refrigerated coconut milk for a week or more after shaking/stirring, then transferring to a quart jar, sealed tightly. If you only need a bit for a recipe, I'd freeze the remainder in the smaller amounts your recipe needs. And look into other ways to use it... it makes a decent substitute for heavy cream in coffee and I've had some pretty good coconut milk ice cream!

Wed, Oct-13-10, 16:14
lol Sage, the 13oz or 400ml is the large one I am talking about, other stuff can be got in a lot smaller cans (cup size) but I only saw coconut milk sold in a 400ml cans.

Wed, Oct-13-10, 16:24
Ahhh, I forgot you're not on this side of the pond. ;)

Thu, Oct-14-10, 01:15
Once opened, refrigerate.
It lasts a week, even in sunny India.

Thu, Oct-14-10, 11:04
I pour mine into a glass jar and it keeps in the fridge almost a week(I usually use it up by then). I learned this when I used to use evaporated milk...it would go bad quickly in an opened can, but keep longer in a glass jar.

Sun, Oct-17-10, 20:27
Freezing is a good option, thanks for the info. Yeah, I recently made coconut milk ice cubes when I realized I would never use up the rest of the can before it went bad. I've thrown out too much coconut milk as it is because a recipe only calls for a small amount, and I never get around to using the rest.