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  1. fatty diet not linked to breast cancer
  2. Bias in research
  3. Adding Veggies Does Not Reduce Colon Cancer
  4. moms & daughters & dieting
  5. Being Overweight or Obese is Not Destiny
  6. Diet Doctors Go Round Over Fat Fight
  7. Hollywood Enters the Diet Zone
  8. A centuries-long look at food, fat, bodies and beauty
  9. Fish Oil (Sort Of) OK
  10. Magazine Ad, 1891
  11. high protein diet not linked to osteoporosis
  12. Stress can lead to weight gain
  13. fatty diet & prostate cancer
  14. Ephedra May Have Deadly Effects
  15. Dexatrim :Canadian formula does not contain banned drug
  16. Judge Denies Request for Tapes in Obese-Girl Case
  17. Colorectal Cancer is a Manifestation of Syndrome X
  18. Statement From the Ephedra Education Council
  19. The Trick to Counting Carbs
  20. Got Guts? You May Have Too Much Cortisol
  21. OT: Anamarie is back home
  22. Soy isoflavones and osteoperosis
  23. Women Have High-Risk Periods for Weight Gain
  24. Metabolic Rate and Weight Regain in Dieters
  25. "egregiously inaccurate" food labels
  26. Synergism Between Chromium Picolinate and Biotin Discovered
  27. Hmm, now they endorse Soy!
  28. OT: Canadian Cancer Study Startles Heart Agency
  29. OT: Unrealistic Weight Loss Goals
  30. Women's Magazine Ads Push Fats And Sweets
  31. Canadian class action to proceed against Biofarma
  32. Obesity rate triples for boys
  33. Experts: Nuts Promote Better Health
  34. Vancouver - Designer Oil May Prevent Weight Gain
  35. You can't trust 'best before' dates on some foods in Canadian stores.
  36. USDA to Report on Health Effects of Popular Diets
  37. Study to Examine Childhood Obesity - Once again, let's blame MOM
  38. Flax Seed in the News
  39. Decline Slowing in Heart And Strokes Deaths
  40. Pharmaceutical industry misuses research results
  41. Possible Obesity-Influencing Genes Identified
  42. more evidence of the "fat making" role of insulin
  43. Water-Drinking Is Overemphasized, Doctors Say
  44. "Nibbling vs. Gorging"
  45. conjugated linoleic acid
  46. Hi Protein Diet is Good for Your Health
  47. Small reduction in blood sugar can lower health costs
  48. www.FOODTV.com LC Show!
  49. www.FOODTV.com LC show! tonight & tomorrow
  50. Getting Nasty: Wheat Foods Council is
  51. More on water
  52. More on Anamarie
  53. Low-Cal Diet Cuts Cholesterol, Improves Heart Health
  54. Obese People Produce More Fat After Meal
  55. Obesity on the rise among infants and toddlers
  56. Fat cell defect may lead to insulin resistance
  57. Register Your Success
  58. Sugar "no big deal"?!
  59. Sweet or Salty? Study Sheds Light on Food Craving
  60. AHA vs. Lowcarb -- the swords are drawn yet again
  61. Atkins Responds to American Heart Association's Claims
  62. High-Fat Atkins Diet Shows a Small Cholesterol Benefit
  63. Carb-Cutter PR
  64. Journal Science
  65. Eating Protein May Protect Elderly Bones
  66. Protein bars
  67. Genetically Engineered Tomato Is 'Heart-Smart'
  68. Fruit Juice Not Suitable for Children
  69. Survey Shows Canadians Living Longer, Getting Fatter
  70. Obsessed with the Zone Diet?
  71. Western Diet Ups Diabetes Risk in Pima Indians
  72. Low Carbohydrate Survey
  73. Yet another stupid fat-cutter!
  74. Jenny Craig posts loss
  75. Toronto star article
  76. Omni Hotels goes Low-Carb
  77. Mechanism of Obesity Hormone Revealed
  78. Somers - new book & Schwarzbein reference
  79. Metabolism Slows Down Significantly in Old Age
  80. Fatty Fish May Reduce Risk of Prostate Cancer
  81. European sugar association claims
  82. Habits And Hazards Cause Obesity
  83. High Cholesterol Is Not the Only Cause of Heart Disease
  84. More surgery, FDA approved.
  85. High 'Good' Cholesterol Level Lowers Stroke Risk
  86. Thyroid Drug Under Review for Safety
  87. Trans fatty acids up type 2 diabetes risk: study
  88. Does smoking have an affect on metabolism?
  89. Yet another new artificial sweetner
  90. Food labels to carry disease-fighting claims
  91. Still blind about fats
  92. Tofu May Lower Lead Levels in Blood
  93. DNA Banks: Detect Susceptibility to Obesity
  94. Healthy Diet Alone Will not Ensure Proper Nutrition
  95. Eat fat and lose weight?
  96. Cutting Back on Carbs
  97. High Protein Diets-- Are you losing more than weight?
  98. New TV Series on Dieting
  99. Big Diet, reality tv
  100. Sleep Deprivation Promotes Insulin-Resistance
  101. Social drinking can cause brain to shrink: study
  102. Law suit
  103. Ephedra warning
  104. Olive Oil Helps Reduce Risks of Heart Disease
  105. Flaxseed Could Help Slow Prostate Cancer
  106. Fat From Margarine Worse Than Butter
  107. Trans Fat Worse for Heart Than Saturated Fat
  108. The USDA Food Pyramid is wrong
  109. Dr. Atkins to Appear on Yahoo!
  110. Atkins center future changes
  111. Olive Oil Association
  112. Managing Obesity and Cholesterol in Kids
  113. New Study on CLA
  114. Who's that mystery man?
  115. Scientists Find Protein That Turns Carbs Into Fat
  116. Fat burning hormone
  117. Fad Diets of 1980s
  118. Sugar, part of a -balanced- diet
  119. Low Cholesterol May Raise Risk of Death in Elderly
  120. Harvard Validates Much of the Zone Diet
  121. U.S. Beef Demand Continues Upward Trend
  122. Northwest Cutting Special Meals
  123. Exercise boosts 'good' cholesterol for some men
  124. Pork Made to Heart-Healthy Order
  125. Growth of LC products marketing
  126. 7-11 to go low-carb!!!
  127. NBC Nightly News
  128. Health Canada Food Labelling Regulations - Update
  129. Facts About Dr. Atkins Diet Calorie Intake
  130. This was in my Paper today!
  131. 2 Year Study of Low/High Carb Diets
  132. New Scientist Article
  133. Obesity may not be bad for heart failure patients
  134. Aspirin may be a new treatment for type 2 diabetes
  135. Ft. Lauderdale Sun Sentinel Headline - Many nutrition labels erroneous
  136. Article on MSN-Health
  137. Water article from Ladies Home Journal
  138. Benefits of Calcium
  139. Journals get tough on drug-firm-funded studies
  140. NNFA for Informative Carbohydrate Labeling
  141. Barry Sears: All the success he can eat
  142. High-fat diets trigger changes in brain chemistry
  143. Is sugar the new fat?
  144. High-carb diet best in combination with exercise
  145. Bad news about splenda
  146. for pity's sake....
  147. Biased Reporting of Study Results on High Carb
  148. Obese People May Set Unrealistic Weight Loss Goals
  149. No Link Between Fat Intake, Colon Cancer
  150. Questioning LC
  151. Cholesterol is good for you
  152. Canadian scientists turn bad fat to better fat in mice
  153. Health Canada advises that Becel™ Pro-activ™ margarine not approved for sale
  154. Switching Dietary Fats Lowers Cholesterol
  156. (From 2001) Here we go again -- the AHA warns against high-protein diets
  157. Fat May Be Key to Long-Term Weight Loss
  158. What the heck?
  159. Fat is in the news!
  160. Generic firms cry foul to Congress on diabetes drug (metformin)
  161. Any Long Timers on this Low Carb WOL
  162. Animal fat ups risk of stomach, esophageal cancer
  163. Low-fat Industry Loses Out as Consumers Favor Flavor
  164. Fat cells communicate with nerve cells
  165. glycerine
  166. iVillage article
  167. Study yields new clues about roots of obesity
  168. Altering the diet may ease fibromyalgia
  169. Some Positive Press
  170. Breakfast: Feeding the Brain Boosts Memory: Study
  171. Dangers of Soy
  172. Perry Mason knew?
  173. Low Carb Diets Benefit Cancer Patients
  174. Epilepsy Diet (Low-Carb) Has Lasting Anti-Seizure Effect
  175. New Release of DRANDR, Dec. 4th 2001
  176. Pregnancy weight gain may predict later obesity
  177. 'Low Carb' Bars Often Loaded With Carbohydrates
  178. US Marshals seize diet supplement at FDA request
  179. Natural compound may lead to new obesity treatment
  180. African tribe may get rich from anti-obesity drug
  181. found an article, very anti low carb
  182. Flax oil and EFA recall
  183. Sugar(s) in Foods & Drinks
  184. Low-Fat Diets Can Cut Children's Nutrient Intake
  185. Low-cal diets help mutant mice live even longer
  186. FDA Warns Against Use of Dietary Weight Loss Aid
  187. The power of setpoint
  188. Low carbohydrate intake proven to be unhealthy
  189. NEW! Fat burning oil ... DAG oil
  190. Low birth weight may be marker of insulin resistance, type 2 diabetes in children
  191. New Zeland and International Obesity Taskforce
  192. Abdominal Fat Enzyme May Yield Obesity Drugs
  193. Taste, not smell, of fatty foods lures eaters
  194. Childhood growth may give clues to adult obesity
  195. Vegetarian Diet Masks Eating Disorder in Teens
  196. Blood Fat Found a Factor for Stroke
  197. Eat, Drink and Be Wary
  198. Fatty Fish May Cut Inflammation and Heart Disease Risk
  199. Surgeon General Warns of Obesity
  200. Mechanism Behind Pubertal Insulin Resistance Revealed
  201. Men and women differ on body weight perception
  202. Here we go again -- Study links meat consumption with cancer risk
  203. Fatty Foods Don't Always Harm the Heart
  204. Dissolvable migraine drugs (with aspartame/nutrasweet) may worsen headaches
  205. Some unsaturated fats promote inflammation: study
  206. Disappointed
  207. ABC News with Peter Jennings
  208. Caffeine --> Insulin
  209. Scoop from ABC News: Carbs May Hurt You
  210. Mom's diet affects adult child's blood pressure (high protein, low-carb)
  211. Hot off the Press: Health Canada Orders Products with Ephedra/Ephedrine off the shelf
  212. Low-Protein Diet Cuts Risk of Kidney Stones
  213. Simple Sugars May Cut 'Good' Cholesterol Levels
  214. High Protein Diets: Separating Fact from Fiction
  215. Sugar pushers back at it.
  216. Kellogg's diet?
  217. Modest weight loss may cut heart risks of obesity
  218. Study urges care in prescribing cholesterol drugs
  219. New Low Carb Book - The X Factor
  220. Doctors' Provocative Ad Criticizing Milk's Ability to Build Bones
  221. Atkins on TV Tonight, January 18 2002 - CBS 48 Hours
  222. Internet Article on Sugar and Cancer
  223. Too Many Carbs In Your Diet?
  224. Coffee can make you fat
  225. And so it begins ....
  226. Body Fat Impact of Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA)
  228. hostile article in this morning's paper
  229. Dairy Industry Gone MAD?
  230. Jenny Craig to be sold
  231. Have a laugh at the Journal of the American College of Nutrition
  232. Insulin-like drug prevents obesity in mice
  233. Upscale restaurant to serve low-carb four-course menus
  234. Swelling food portions help drive US fat epidemic
  235. Recent Study Validates Effectiveness of Low-Carb Diets
  236. Eating to deal with stress may pack on pounds
  237. Rate of infant weight gain linked to later obesity
  238. Study Links 'Western' Diet with Adult Diabetes
  239. BEWARE! Carbs are the new fat
  240. Trials for new obesity drug - Breaking fat cells
  241. News just in.. Carbohydrate makes you fat.
  242. worried about my folks.
  243. low caloric intake = lower metabolic rate
  244. Orthorexia-When the urge to 'eat right' goes wrong
  245. Frontline - FAT (Feb 14 9:00 p.m. EST)
  246. Many Want to Lose Weight, but Few Diet or Exercise
  247. why low calorie diets don't work
  248. BBC - Diet can ease problem behaviours
  249. marketing, perception and mayo (how times change)
  250. Research on Glycemic Index?