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Old Yesterday, 06:09
Whirrlly's Avatar
Whirrlly Whirrlly is online now
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Jaz quickie here
just think you are 'doing school' now to change your career in the future. Your 'job' now is to pay the bills as easily as you can
Just hold strong, you are chomping at the bit for that freedom which is coming your way when you graduate and find a 'new niche' that will work for you!!!
Exciting changes coming your way my friend

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Old Yesterday, 06:31
Whirrlly's Avatar
Whirrlly Whirrlly is online now
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Posts: 3,830
Plan: Zero Carb!
Stats: 234/182/170 Female 68
Progress: 81%
Location: Southeast

Lori I can SO hear the excitement in your post, so cool of a trip is coming your way!!

Thurs will be here before ya know it.

Fingers crossed and prayers said for you on an uneventful, easy flight time on all this travel!!!! I got your back on this HA

Throw a bunch of beef sticks in your purse. I would, if they take them, well, ugh, but if they let you keep them you have them with the world is almost all the same in a way. Land in Scotland and BUY a ton of beef sticks You will be very ok on all of this!!
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Old Yesterday, 17:11
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niccofive niccofive is offline
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Location: Central East Coast

LOL Trig on the eating at night/omelet story. I tell ya, if it isn't one thing, it's anther! Your Dh probably tripped her hunger when he started cooking the hot food and she could smell it- stirred up her appetite!.

We had a couple of sunny days but now the rain and storms are back. Oh well. At least the grass is mowed! Pool is supposed to be opened on Thursday, guess we will see if they can get it done or not

Jaz- Yes you are right, we are on the same page and that helps TREMENDOUSLY. We kind of switch around with who plays the heavy on minor league stuff- certain things bother him and not so much me, and vice versa, but on something major we are both all in like a tsunami wave.

Girl, I feel for you on the cube work life. I literally could not. I know this about myself. There is just no way. My body and mind won't have it, plus I don't like putting up with other people or being told what to do. LOL I am a piece of work!

LOVED the pics you sent. LOVE THEM!! Ava and her brother look a lot alike IMO.

Blue- Yep, definitely had it easier with the other two. This one has pulled out the manual and is ticking the "teenager" boxes. He is definitely cowed at the moment though. He has no recollection of triggering his parents like this before. Thanks for your words, and your thoughts and your understanding. Nice thing is, through it all, he understands that our love for him is immutable. It was and is and always will be what it was at his birth- he can't make it more, or less in any way. It just is and always will be. As long as we got that, we'll survive all this other stupid shizz he is putting us through.

Look at you, working on multiple projects. That is just so awesome. I am so happy for you, and proud of you and how you have handled the changes and adversity. This is the icing on the cake!

KMom- So sorry that your older daughter and family canceled. I understand why for the Dh but wish the Daughter and kids had come and just let him work. Lord knows I certainly would have and not thought twice!

God love you putting up with company for 11 days, TWICE! There is no one on the planet that I would want staying here that long and sometimes that includes my husband and kids!

Glad you are staying strong. You've been missed and glad you will be back around!

LORI!! Your trip is practically here! Are you so excited?! I am excited for you!! Take some pics to share with us.

Things are going fine here. Picked Ds16 up at 12:30 for his wisdom tooth removal consultation. He gets them out early June. Keeping him close by and all restrictions continue for quite some time to come. But things are going well overall.

DS19 got his grades today and he rocked it out. By UMD standards he finished his first year of college with a 4.0, by law school standards a 4.13. He is really happy with that. I tell you, the Econ class was the first time I have ever seen the kid really really sweat. He worked his BUTT off for that grade. It's good for him to be so challenged.

DD23 got a promotion at work, which is awesome, and was also accepted into an online Masters degree program at Penn State. So she is doing awesome also. Yay!

Got gym time in today so all rings will be closed. I think today will be day 27 or something like that? Crazy!!

Had Roadkill for dinner tonight and tomorrow will be crack slaw, then leftovers Thursday.
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Old Yesterday, 18:33
Blue52 Blue52 is offline
Senior Member
Posts: 606
Plan: My own
Stats: 238/187/175 Female 5'11"

Hi gals.

Trigger---hmmmm. My head hurts. I wonder if it's from all that hammering.

Know just what you you mean about later at night when we're worn down by the day. That's when they can slide one by us easier, and they know it. Laughed when you described kiddo as "mooshy." My teenager was too, as well as seemingly really lazy. But then he sprouted up a half foot in about a year when he was 16. Sometimes I think they're just tired out from growing in so many ways.

The kiddo is going to do just fine, in fact, she is going to do very well. I just know it, because I know your love for her. Her laziness will disappear when it suits her, and not a minute before. But then one day, you'll watch her go after something like a bat out of hell, and you'll think, who is that girl?!

Eh---they may not always fly straight, but they fly just fine if they were loved and respected and considered.

Jaz---Those pictures are so dear. Ava is adorable, even though I know she struggles. But she's looking kind of chubby, like a baby should. I'll tell you pal, you raised one heck of a daughter. I'm sure her hubby is great too, but I know who the bulk of her care falls to. And your daughter just keeps keepin' on, just like you.

As for work, I agree w/Trig. It's temporary. You're lining up all your pins, and before you blink, you'll have bowled them down, and be somewhere else w/another degree and more choices. That said, like Nic I could never deal w/cubbies, which is why I became an independent contractor---which ain't no bowl of cherries either. This is why any way you slice it, they call it WORK.

Oh...and, "On top of all that- you are rolling with a sweet pot on LC." Just let it be said, I don't inhale. Don't know how you do it darlin'.

Also agree w/Trig, worrying about water retention from brats is something to take OFF your list of worries. It's not real weight, and your choices are limited enough as it is. Just enjoy your brats when you have them, and don't let the scale boss you around on this! LOL, it's just f'ing w/you.

K-mom---Oh, SIGH, that must be so disappointing for you---your daughter's family needing to cancel. Not to mention, OMG, I get you on all the work to change all the work you did to make the arrangements to begin with. In the old days you just called your travel agent. Haha, where did they go? Now we get to do it all ourselves on those never ending sites with never ending info, and we're scared to death how much it might cost us to click on the wrong thing.

On your bathroom---renovation is just another word for SURPRISE! Who knew what was underneath? It's always about what you can't see. But then it gets done, and it's great. Still, frankly, I hope to never do it again. A silver lining in my situation.

Lori---You leave what, tomorrow or the next day? I have loved the build up to your trip and hearing all about it. Sending hugs and hopes your way for the race, everything else will be a lot of fun. Can't wait to hear about it, and hoping you'll drop us just a line or two from bonny Scotland.


Worked my butt off today. By tomorrow I should be most of the way there on my projects to be up to date. Very happy to have them, but it's a whole new world, and learning new clients is a whole different kind of work, plus the work. But I'll be so lucky if even one of these new clients ends up giving me more work. Not because I didn't please them, but they are small and not the kind of steady work I was so used to. But they sure have blown some wind under my wings. I'll take what I can get, and they've shown me, I can get it!

Great day on plan today. Two brats for lunch. (hello, Jaz). Pick them up at a local convenience store. Love the Johnsonville ones, so chewy and good. I add hot peppers, a bit of onion, and mustard. Totally satisfying and worth a quick then gone bloat up, if it happens. But I won't know specifically, because I don't do the scale these days.

Will get back on it when I feel it will be more friendly to me. Otherwise, can't expect it to tell me something I don't know. And I do know I've gained some pounds. As always, my clothes will tell me when it's time to risk the scale again.

Dinner? Blissfully not hungry at all. Hubby is out of town, so I'll make something when I feel like it. Probably a burger w/all kinds of melty cheese on it.

In any case, my carb count should come in really low today. Like maybe 10 to 15. I'm pullin' myself back into the saddle. Feels good.

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Old Yesterday, 19:02
Blue52 Blue52 is offline
Senior Member
Posts: 606
Plan: My own
Stats: 238/187/175 Female 5'11"

Oh dear, just re-read my post. How could I leave out Nic?! I'll tell you how, fried brain today. But Not going to let that stand.

Nic---Haha. Nothing better than a cowed teenager. Enjoy it while it lasts.

Wow on your oldest son's accomplishments in his first year in college. I remember everything he went thru to excel, just in getting into where he wanted to go. That didn't work out in every way he wanted it to, but it sure did work out in an excellent way for him, from what I can see.

He is the achiever kid, right? Which doesn't mean the other two aren't, it just means they're going to take a less straight and aggressive path to it. My brother is like that. He was always the one with straight As and a clear mission. Although I'm the older sis, it took me more time to find me. There's hope for both types, as I can personally testify to.

Congrats to your daughter too. A Masters these days is an excellent choice to assure more choices!

How are you doing on the NOs. Still comfy?

Last edited by Blue52 : Yesterday at 19:07.
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Old Today, 04:34
Jaz66's Avatar
Jaz66 Jaz66 is online now
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Stats: 205/205/150 Female 5'5

Geeze so much a happening = life on here. Coming and going!

Nic- Wowsa, on those grades for your kids!!!! I know you are a proud momma. As for the 16DS- Sounds like a pup with his tail tucked now- and towing the line!

OK- I had to laugh out loud, I KNOW I am VERY old school, but I am getting the RINGS- are the things you are getting on your fit bit??? And road kill is MEAT????? - crack slaw, I KNOW that one!!!
I actually have been thinking about getting a fit bit. On the fence on that one. Just another way for Big Brother to know where I am. BUT I could use the motivation. What are your thoughts?

Blue- I am pleased as punch for you my friend! Working away and feeling good! Plus back in the LC saddle EXACTLY where you need to be! YAY on you. BTW- you never did say when YOUR birthday is?!?!?!?!

Trig- a mooshy kiddo huh. That is a great WORD! But she is a deep thinker I bet. Like Blue I think one of these days she is going to just take off in a sprint! They have a way of doing that OVERNIGHT!
My was the sports type- my son was the quite type. They all have personality from the get go! Yes they do!
They bloom right in front of your eyes and before ya know it they leave the nest!

Lori- I know you are chomping at the bit! You are clock watching about now! Trig is right- they will have beef sticks there too! Amazing most airports looks ALL the same now. Funny for all of our differences in the world, we are more alike than not.
I would treat myself to "something" while you are there. down't need to be food. Jewelry, top, SOMETHING!!!
Good luck on the RACE!!!!! can't wait to hear all about it!

Kmom- I will pick up the water tracking next week. Just note that I am drinking- mindful drinking! I take a bag of 6 waters.
I hope you are getting back into your routine. After having company for a long time would wear me out! I love my space. I have come to get that about myself. I get peopled out. I am such a giver during the day I need to recharge at night.
I bet maybe you are that way too!
Ok- Like you Blue- I am doing the mental check list in my head to make sure I haven't "missed" anyone! But then as I am doing that I always seem to have something ELSE to say to someone!

I agree Trig- my "job" right now is to get through school, and do something else. I am really leaning towards teaching or being an instructor. I had a lovely conversation with my instructor. I emailed her and was asking tons of questions to the point she finally wrote back with just a phone number!!! HAHAHAH- ROFL-

Anyway, I really enjoyed our conversation. My take away I got from her were 2 things. 1.) She started her program at 52 as well and doors flew open for her when she was finished
2.) She is living my dream. She works from home, lives on the beach in Florida and makes darn good money to be an instructor. She gets to interact with all her students from all over the world.

Wow- I would love that! Get a little house on the beach somewhere. She said, "oh yea- I love what I do. I grade papers on my patio over looking the beach and my pool". REALLY????? No cube life for her.
So I am putting in the work now- to get there. I have 20 years of working left. I don't want to end in a cube. Agreed- that is my first priority- school.

The other is just to keep the lights on and pay for school. I love the way that was put.
Speaking of work. My bosses boss wants to sit with me today. She wants to see how I "manage" my team. honestly - I think it is an informal interview for something else.
Really she is driving 2.5 hours to "sit" with me for the heck of it?!?! I don't think so.
I was given the heads up yesterday. Believe it or not my boss told me she ws coming. When I ask her what for - she said she really didn't know. OK.........

So gotta run. Got a huge piece of salmon for later. Tuna/ mayo if wanted.
TRIG- how is the vinegar working for you? Are you doing that too?
Lori- you said you do that too. Have you noticed any difference?

Have a great day ladies!
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Old Today, 04:39
Whirrlly's Avatar
Whirrlly Whirrlly is online now
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Posts: 3,830
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Stats: 234/182/170 Female 68
Progress: 81%
Location: Southeast

Nicco so happy the kids are doing so well. Nice they have seen the good results of their working hard! Sets them up in good when older!

Can't get in my pool just yet, water just a bit too cold for me still, need those higher temps. at night to keep that water warmer. Shouldn't bee too long now.

Roadkill for dinner Love that.

Blue, oh yea, I had to hammer you. I cringe at telling the Chop he might be right! HA HA

Happy you are settling into a new kind of working atmosphere and finding new clients etc. Those might recommend you to someone else and so on. Nothing stays the same does it? We settle into our good routine and bam, after many years of feeling comfortable we get it ripped out from under us, but at least you are finding ways to work that suit you now and you know what kinda to expect from this new way of working.

Hey all
not sure what is going down today. Hubby I know is mowing somewhere , gotta get'er done.
Hoping for big sun and hot hot hot to get in pool and enjoy a bit. Little of this and that.

So kiddo around 7 is looking weird. I say what is wrong and she says she has a concussion. WTH? HA HA
She says she has a slight headache so I give her some meds.
She then says she has a concussion? Hmmm....
I say ya gotta whack yourself on the noggin hard to have one, you just got a slight headache.
She says I did hit my head.
I say how?
She says I don't want to say.
I say you have to tell me so spit it out

She has a broom handle pole she swings while walking around the backyard goofing off......this time she swung it up and whachked herself real hard between her eyes!
OMG I had to leave the room I wanted to laugh so darn hard, yea it was just so funny when she said it.

I told her she won't be dying nor does she have a concussion, just close the blinds and close your eyes....she went to bed a little after 7 and slept thru......AND OF course she is saying she is brain dead this morning and trying to get out of school!! It is all I can do to not yell at her this morning HAHA
She is GOING to school. I knew last night this would be a pain in the azz morning with her and I was right. She said she can't think at all and should be home and I said go to school and not think there! ugh

Under 3 weeks left of school, omg she wants it done

ok off to handle this morning
everyone have a fine day
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