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Old Sat, Dec-16-17, 19:56
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DelaneyLC DelaneyLC is offline
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Plan: Atkins '72
Stats: 188/143/144 Female 5'4"
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Location: NV

Hi Warriors!

I have a brand new grandson! Both mom and baby are doing great. He's a little early, but healthy. Weight is 6 lbs 13 ozs.

I had the other two kids all night and all today, and also Thursday evening. My son took the kids to see their brother. I didn't go because I'm still sick ☹️ But I will have many more chances to cuddle and kiss him when I'm better.

I am back home for the night and need to rest. I will have the kids again tomorrow.

Last edited by DelaneyLC : Yesterday at 03:15.
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Old Yesterday, 04:29
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BF:Not so much now!
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Location: South Central New Mexico

Happy Day, Warriors!

Take some time today to just chil-lax to take care of YOU b/c you're WORTH IT!

Stay WARRIOR Strong!

Carb-Free Food for Thought:
The pain of SELF-DISCIPLINE is always less than the PAIN OF REGRET!
~ unknown
Onward and DOWNWARD, WARRIORS! We've GOT THIS! Woot! Woot!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Got most of my w/e "to-do" list completed yesterday, will finish up with the rest today.

I was thinking about what I am going to eat for my Christmas dinner this year. Usually it's turkey with a lovely leafy green salad.

But I was underwhelmed by the turkey I had for Thanksgiving. I didn't find it as tasty as I usually do.

Probably due to the fact that food, any food, isn't that important to me any more. It's really just nourishment for my body. Imma not saying I'm bored with the food I eat or that it's not tasty; it's just food.

I really can't complain b/c that means temptations are NOT on my radar at all. It really is a nice place to be "eating-wise"! KWIM?

But back to my Christmas dinner, Imma thinking I'll get me some "peel n' eat" shrimp and make a homemade garlic mayo to dip 'em in and of course, a leafy green salad!

Topic Change: Finished another Baby Sweater yesterday:

"Aran" & "Buff Fleck" stripes Baby Sweater

Started another one that I am doing in rainbow colored stripes with the "Aran" yarn as the main color. It's a lot of fun to come up with all these different variations of baby sweaters. Imma not bored doing 'em yet!

Originally Posted by Whirrlly
JO, yikes. Sounds like you have it rough like DE for sure! But at least yours went thru your body and ya seem on the mend.
Yeppers, I seem to be all better, at least for now!
Wonky internet? that stinks, feels like my world closes off when that happens
I don't really spend much time on the internet except for in "here", checking my work and personal email and my banking accounts.

So it's not the end of the world for me... but it's very ANNOYING when I wanna go online and it ain't happening! I know you KNOW what I mean!

Imma very lucky, its a rare thing for my ISP to be down!
off to mom's today
hit grocery store for all her fixings for making a lasagna. She is in the mood to make one and I told her to go for it.
Then home to do mostly nothing, little this and that. Most holiday stuff is done so I am safe on that part.
Sounds like an easy day for sure. How sweet that you're goin' grocery shopping for your mom's lasagna ingredients. You're a good DD! Imma sure she appreciates you a lot!

Originally Posted by Bernie2014
I have finished Xmas shopping ! Got DD and DSIL presents, batteries, and wrapping paper. I ready. Make sure all grandkiddies stuff has proper batteries and built.
Oh yeah, "Batteries NOT included"! Nice that you've taken care of that b/c there's nothing worse than having a present that needs batteries and there aren't any around...

Sounds like you're fini with all your holiday shopping etc...
Jo.... So happy to see you back! Made my day!
Thanks, my friend! Nice to be here!

Originally Posted by DelaneyLC
I have a brand new grandson! Both mom and baby are doing great. He's a little early, but healthy. Weight is 6 lbs 13 ozs.
Woot! Woot! Woot! HUGE CONGRATS on grand #5!!

So many happy and wonder-filled times ahead for all of you…congratulations!

Too bad he couldn't wait a few more hours to be born b/c he would have shared his b'day with my youngest DD who is 33 today!

Edited to add: Hmmmmm, I just saw that you updated/edited your last post at was the new lil' one born yesterday (16 Dec) or today???
I had the other two kids all night and all today, and also Thursday evening. My son took the kids to see their brother. I didn't go because I'm still sick ☹️ But I will have many more chances to cuddle and kiss him when I'm better.
Awww sorry to hear you're still not well! Wishing you a speedy recovery, my friend! And you're correct, you'll have plenty of chances to cuddle and kiss the new bouncing bundle of boy joy!!!!
I am back home for the night and need to rest. I will have the kids again tomorrow.
I always forget that you go to the grands house to watch 'em...

When is your DDIL and new tax deduction coming home from the hospital??

Last edited by Just Jo : Yesterday at 04:32. Reason: Option M: More to say of course! HA!
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Old Yesterday, 08:16
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Whirrlly Whirrlly is offline
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Progress: 81%
Location: Southeast

So happy momma and baby are doing fine!!

What is his name? I bet they will have a merry christmas with a new little one around!! Cool!! Happy for you guys!!

Bernie, you had me laughing on batteries, I also bought a monster pack of double As to kiddo from Santa under the tree. Seem to go thru those like lightening around here HA HA

JO, nice sweater. You are just a machine on the afghans and sweaters!

Love your shrimp and dip for dinner menu! I am a shrimp fan and I find seafood a wonderful change from the meats. I know you will be enjoying that meal! Same on turkey for me, turkey just doesn't hold the taste for me anymore. Will still eat it if I get it offered to me, but I won't be cooking one here ever again probably, since kiddo doesn't like it either. But the price ya know, SO cheap at the holiday time but price doesn't draw enough for me to eat it when I don't want it LOL

Hey all
nothing much today
this and that....they wanted hubby to overtime today, it would be day 6 of 12 hr shifts and I told him NO. He was gonna go to work but I said nope, nada, you are dragging now so forget it. I tell ya your health is not worth a job that kills ya so heck no on another day of that! So he will mostly sleep this day away on the couch with tv which is fine, kiddo stayed up to like 3am on her Xbox and all and she won't function today we will cruise thru this day quiet, easy, doing mostly nothing LOL
eh, its cool.

I might go into the soap room I have to dismantle and do some throwaway work in there. take stuff to the dump tomorrow. I need to get a little something done since I am not the tired one in the house right now HA

have tuna and pork chops for eating today.

great day all
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Old Yesterday, 14:11
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Bernie2014 Bernie2014 is offline
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Location: Northern Il.

Hello dear warriors,

How is everyone doing today?

De.... Huge congrats 🎈 on you new grandson! Another bundle of joy to luv and cherish! I know you are tired taking care of the grands and trying to get better! So exciting it will be a great Xmas!

Jo.... I have to agree just didn’t think the turkey this year was all that! I probably will get just turkey breast on a go forward! Menu for Xmas sounds delish! Allergic to shell 🐚 fish but it always looks so good. I was thinking maybe cod or salmon for my Xmas day dinner! Like I told Karen the 23rd appetizers, 24th roast! 25 I on my own yeah me!

Karen.... I Luv those chillin days when I can do what I want and then just relax and catch up on my tv recordings! I agree life is to short to burn out at work! My dad always said you can’t kill your self working and then be sick or have major health problems when you retire! Tuna sounds good may have that tomorrow! I been wanting tuna !

Have a spectacular Sunday warriors and take care of yourself!
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