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Old Thu, Apr-18-02, 04:49
Dar Babe's Avatar
Dar Babe Dar Babe is offline
Registered Member
Posts: 37
Stats: 215/212.5/140
Progress: 3%
Location: Vermont, USA

Hi Everyone,

Jill, I'm glad you revived this thread. I've been trying to get back on CALP for six months now but I just couldn't get past the first 3 days. The first time I tried CALP I was just coming off a week of Atkins and I found the diet a breeze so I thought I'd try it again. I am coming off of 4 days of Atkins induction and have started CALP today. I've been struggling with CALP for 3 years now. The first year on plan I lost 30 pounds, half a pound a week. I felt great and was beginning to look great too. The second year I couldn't lose at all and yet I stayed on for a year because I felt so much better. Last year I just, well, pretty much gave up. I couldn't lose and I was doing everything right so I started blurring the edges. A year later I'm back where I started.

I too belong to another Carbohydrate Addicts group but I find that group is much to rigid with the plan. I believe that everyone's body is different and we have to do what works for us as individuals. They would never understand me using Atkins as a spring board to CALP. They would also never understand me using porkrinds as bread crumbs for a cm meal. As long as I'm losing weight I'm happy. (I don't do this all the time)

Looking forward to Calping with you all.
(p.s. I'm a Firm lover too!)
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Old Sun, Apr-21-02, 20:22
izdi's Avatar
izdi izdi is offline
Senior Member
Posts: 279
Plan: CAD
Stats: 255/181/130 Female 5' 4"
Progress: 59%
Location: Nevada
Default I agree with Dar

I do not skip to the plan religiously, but have had mostly good days and a few with small slips and only a couple I would call diet disasters. I don't do the salad at the rw meal, and I usually refuse to consider the 1/3 carb idea, but just eat freely during my hour and I have been fairly successful

Week 1: 8 lbs
Week 2: 0 lbs
Week 3: 1 1/2 lbs
Week 4: + 1/2 lb
Week 5: 6 lbs.

So I've lost 15 lbs in 5 weeks, and I can enjoy the lifestyle. I just love the idea of the reward meal, and that gets me through the more rigid complimentary meals.

I love this forum. My 'friends' encourage me and sustain me and even point out things I could do better. It reminds me of the support of Weight Watchers without the inconvenience of waiting a whole week for support and going according to their schedule instead of mine. ( I usually journal at 4:00 am. )

Right now I couldn't be happier with this WOL and it is working for me. One of my biggest secrets of success is asking my Heavenly Father EVERYDAY to help me. He has been my best supporter.
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Old Mon, Apr-22-02, 00:35
chocolate's Avatar
chocolate chocolate is offline
Senior Member
Posts: 124
Plan: CAD (again)
Stats: 135/130.8/121
Progress: 30%

Hello people!

I was supposed to start last week, but knew that I had too many meals out to get around, so ... here i am : day 1 for me. I'm trying breakfast as my RM cause I can't stand salty breakfast... we'll see how it goes. I've got 2 goals: the first is 125 and then the second is 120!

Good luck to you all and let's keep this thread going!!!!

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Old Mon, Apr-22-02, 08:15
FloJo FloJo is offline
Registered Member
Posts: 50
Plan: Atkins
Stats: 228/205/140
Progress: 26%
Location: Indiana
Default Bummin' Bad

Wow! Reading all the other journals and seeing the rate of loss is just bringing me down! (Not because they've lost, but because I'm not losing anywhere near that rate.) I've not been eating between meals. I guess it's something somewhere in my CMs that's holding me back. Gotta get it figured out. Almost in tears here. Looking like another swimsuit-less summer. And I so love the water.

3 slices bacon
scrambled eggs

Missed Lunch

Sub with turkey and bologna
Piece of meatloaf
Boiled potatoes & carrots
Peach pie with ice cream

Only had about 12 ounces of water yesterday~~I know, I know!
Thought I could make it through this posting without crying.......didn't.
Anybody got a violin? Sorry about the negative entry.

Almost forgot......I did drink 2 diet cokes yesterday and a glass of tea with Splenda.
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Old Mon, Apr-22-02, 09:24
Libbyfcr Libbyfcr is offline
Senior Member
Posts: 468
Plan: The Carbohydrate Addict's Lifespan Program
Stats: 190/140/135 Female 5'7"
Progress: 91%
Default be patient

You must be patient. Give yourself time to figure out how things affect you.

Of course you KNOW about that water we don't need to remind you.

Hows your bacon? Does it have added sugar in it? Some people don't do the bacon and sausage very well because of the added sugars. I seem to do okay with it. Anyone else got a comment on that?

Missing lunch..... well, I do that too sometimes. I try to have a little bit of something, even if it is just a salad or LC veggies and a slice of cheese.

Do you have your RM within an hour? Also, try to balance out your Reward Meal like the Hellers suggest. 1/3's remember?

So far my biggest problem was actually eating enough calories. I am never hungry and so for a while wasn't eating as much as I should have been. I upped the calories and resumed my weight loss. Kind of an odd thing to say,."oh... I am not loosing weight, I need to eat more." LOL

Have you been to Lots of folks here love that site. You can list your food and it will add your calories, carbs and everything else. It will give you your daily totals. It is too much work for me to use Fitday every day because of the time it takes, but once in a while I list a day and just see what my carb count is.

I think you are doing a fantastic job Flo..... I hope you keep your chin up and a smile on your face because YOU CAN DO THIS.

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Old Sat, Apr-27-02, 20:24
Linnea_One Linnea_One is offline
New Member
Posts: 3
Plan: CAD
Stats: 199/194/130
Progress: 7%
Location: Ontario
Thumbs up Slow weight loss

Hi FloJo
I'm doing CAD, too. Just started (again) on the 17th. I belong to a few other lists/support groups for CAD, and have read a couple of things that might help you. There was an article you can find here that will encourage you.
Also, remember this is CA"lifespan"P We're in this for the long haul.
Some tweaking you might want to try, besides what's already been mentioned. Breakfast needs some veggies in it. Be creative. I've started precooking celery in the microwave and tossing that into my scrambled eggs...yuuuummmm. Also, creamed "fauxtatoes" are wonderful. Cooked whipped cauliflower, with butter, cream cheese, and bacon bits. Decadent!!! And I don't much care for cauliflower, either, but on CAD my tongue has had a transplant of taste buds and yuck has become either "ok" or wonderful. Experiment with the unusual and you'll not only find some knew taste friends, but combat boredom.
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Old Tue, May-28-02, 05:19
LastHope LastHope is offline
Registered Member
Posts: 28
Plan: Atkins
Stats: 208/204.5/140
Progress: 5%
Default Switching from Atkins

Well, I"ve been on Atkins just over two weeks, and have gained 2.5 pounds.

I have a friend who's lost 11 pounds on CALP, and I've read the book and find that, with a RM, this plan seems to be more liveable...for the long haul. I do believe that the Hellerings have something when they talk about sugar substitues, chewing gum, etc. triggering an insulin response. Just like smelling someone cooking (smelling the cooking..not the someone, LOL)...not hungry before....but once you smell it, you're instantly famished.

I think I will jump on the band wagon. It sure will be nice to know that I can have a small bit of ice cream with my RM, or a latte or something similar!

I'm 36 years old, starting CALP at 204.5, and have a goal of about 140....See you all there! and here in the meantime
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Old Tue, Jun-18-02, 21:46
Rain Rain is offline
Registered Member
Posts: 85
Plan: CALP/Atkins
Stats: 175/140/110
Progress: 54%
Location: Fishers Island, NY
Cool Thank you!!

I hope all of you continue to post your success, so the rest of us can come here and find the inspiration we need to keep on trying. I've been off CALP (work, stress, busy schedule, etc) but I need to come back. It's SO GOOD to read about your success! It REALLY makes a difference to see how you guys are doing so well.

The rest of you, hang in I'm doing I guess. We'll still have our moment in the sun!
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Old Thu, Jun-20-02, 09:27
Lisa in MD's Avatar
Lisa in MD Lisa in MD is offline
Registered Member
Posts: 223
Plan: Atkins
Stats: 285/199/130
Progress: 55%
Location: Between B'more & D.C.
Smile Thinking of CALP

I've been on Atkins for quite sometime and haven't lost much of anything. Prior to that was WW, prior to that was Ediets, prior to that was SlimFast, so something helped me drop the initial 85 lbs or so, but I kept losing interest/being hungry. Atkins kept me satisfied, no rebound weight gain, but I still need to lose weight. I ordered the CALP from, a used book, and am looking forward to getting it. In the mean time, is there somewhere I can read about getting started? Of course I'm impulsive and impatient, both....

Thanks so much!
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